Apex Legends

Apex Legends will have its version on Android

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is possibly the most popular game of the moment. Launched just a week ago, it has managed to reach 25 million players at this time. The game is not available on smartphones, at the moment. Many see this title as a great rival for Fortnite, which is available on Android. But this new game is going to make its entry into smartphones.

In fact, the CEO of the company has been responsible for confirming that Apex Legends is going to have its own version for Android. This was something that was in doubt, given the gameplay of the game. Even from the company it had been said that there were no plans to launch it for phones. Although this has finally changed.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game, which in a few days has been a huge success. EA is the company behind the game, responsible for many other successes on consoles, in addition to having several games available for Android. As we have said, in just one week they have obtained 25 million players worldwide. Available now on the main platforms, the arrival of the game to smartphones was missing.

Apex Legends

Fortunately, has been announced through the company's CEO. So Fortnite has a great competitor. While the Epic Games game is considered one of the most addictive in the market. It also has millions of faithful throughout the world. Especially its launch on phones has been something that has boosted its popularity. In addition to having helped the revenue generated have skyrocketed since it was launched on Android.

Apex Legends: The game of the moment

It is one of the questions that many users ask themselves, seeing how in just a week it has become a game with a worldwide presence. There are a number of reasons behind the success, although above all there is one that should not be forgotten. As Apex Legends is a free game. This is something that has certainly helped to become the game of the moment. In addition to a good story, good graphics and playability. Also a good EA campaign, which have placed a lot of emphasis on social networks, which has helped a lot.

After this success on the main platforms, it was expected with interest to know if it would launch on Android or not. A couple of days ago from the company itself it was dropped that such a launch was not likely. Because the gameplay might not adapt well to smartphone screens. But EA CEO has left consumers with good news. Because we can expect it to launch on Android in the future.

Apex Legends

The operation of Apex Legends is not far from that of other games such as Fortnite or PUBG. It is a free game, although it has visual improvements for which you must pay. So a freemium classic on Android, in this regard. As for the operation on Android, it is said that it will have the same dynamics as the version for PC or consoles. If they manage to maintain the level of Fortnite or PUBG, which have not lost any gameplay in their launch on smartphones, then they have the potential to be a success.

Without a doubt, it may be one of the few games that will stand up to Fortnite's reign, which continues to make improvements to Android. The CEO of EA has confirmed the release of this version of Apex Legends for Android. Although he has said that it is something that will come in the future. Why for now there is no data on when we can expect this version. It could happen as Fortnite, which took several months to reach Android. But we will have to wait for the company to tell us more about its plans.

What do you think about this release? Will it succeed among users on Android? Will he get Fortnite off his throne?

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