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Android Q dismisses Android Beam, the function to share content

Android Beam Android Q

Android Beam cease to exist with Android Q.

Aloysius Low / CNET Asia

As is usual, Android Q brings a lot of news, but also be the farewell of a "classic" function of Google's operating system: Android Beam.

Android Beam is the function that through NFC allows you to share all kinds of files or content between two cell phones (when you put them together at the back) and since the first beta version of Android Q the function has not been available.

Although it is normal that some functions are not present in beta versions, a Google spokesperson confirmed to TechRadar that the function did not return in the final version of Android Q.

It is true that many people probably did not use Android Beam or even know it, but it has been a useful feature from time to time since it was introduced in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011.

Since its launch, however, the function has not had clear improvements or developments, so it is possible that this is also part of the reason why it is removed from Android Q. Probably, the company is preparing a new function similar to Android Beam and he wants to surprise her at the launch of the Pixel 4 or with the final version of the operating system.

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We have requested a comment from Google and we will update this note if the company reveals any details.