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Alcatel presents the EVO7 tablet: Interchangeable frames and its innovative 3G module

Alcatel It is a company that has passed more and more into the background over the years. It has taken a while to get on the train of smartphones and tablets, and when it has done it has been rather discreet. This is why we can only surprise ourselves when introduce us to the ONE TOUCH EVO7 tablet.

We do not know much information of the tablet itself, except

  • 7 inches
  • 1 GHz processor
  • MicroSD slot
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Android 4.0

So far nothing stands out, but this tablet has two novel points: interchangeable housings and external 3G module. The latter means that with the same tablet we will come a piece that when plugged in we will get 3G connection.

Will be worth?

With this Alcatel tries to get into the market of 7 ». It is a market that is led by the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7, which are two very tough rivals. From the little we know about the EVO7, its characteristics fall far below the main competition. Even assuming that the external 3G connector represents a significant price reduction, will users be willing to choose it for ? 50 less? Its price would have to be considerably below 100 to be attractive.

The true novelty

The module External 3G is an idea that until now we had not seen. Although there are several tablets that, with more or less touch-ups by our art, allow us to connect a 3G modem, usually if we choose the Wifi option we will end up pulling the tethering of the mobile when it is missing. So the idea of ??an external additive allows tablets like the Nexus 7 that are in a precarious balance between cost and features, enter the ones that ended up cutting the possibility of 3G. With this invention, for a few more euros the problem would be solved.

Nice try, but it doesn't strain

Factors like being able to change the case were removed from smartphones and tablets for one reason: thinness. Just look at the photos to guess that the thickness of the tablet will surely be greater than that of its competitors, among which is DoCoMo, the lightest tablet so far and, in the absence of knowing availability, also points to a reduced price . Remember also that you have our guide for low cost tablets. Use it to decide and to tell us what you think of what Alcatel offers us.

Source | Alcatel

Via | Engadget