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7 alternatives for Android by Procreate

For who knows, Procreate It is an attractive app to make illustrations and drawings of great quality through a multitude of tools, but it is not available for Android, so you should know some similar alternatives with the same functionality.

Procreate makes a lot of sense on iPads, because with the Apple Pencil true works of art can be made on the big screen that Apple tablets have. However, almost the same experience you can have with other similar apps on Android.

There are several alternatives, some more complete than others, so it is a matter of trying each one of them and seeing what it is for you that you think best and you handle, the one that offers the smallest utilities, the easiest and most comfortable use, etc.

Adobe Illustratror Draw

Image - 7 Procreate Android alternatives

One of the main alternatives to Procreate that you can download is Adobe Illustratror Draw. It is a powerful application to design and edit, where you can make illustrations with different layers of image and drawing.

Ideally, use Illustratror Draw on a tablet, that's where you can get the most out of this drawing utility. You can paint sketches, illustrations, insert templates, zoom in on your creations to draw details and much more.

  1. Download Adobe Illustratror Draw for Android

download "class =" lazyload

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Image - 7 Procreate Android alternatives

Another app, in this case it's about Adobe Photoshop Sketch. In this free application for Android you can draw with pencils, ink, acrylic, pens and many other things in different layers that you can modify, edit, transform and more.

Given that it is an application of the Adobe ecosystem, you can then share your creations with Photoshop and Illustrator with their respective layers.

  1. Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch for Android

download "class =" lazyload

ibis Paint X

Image - 7 Procreate Android alternatives

We continue with more alternatives to Procreate, it's time to talk about ibis Paint X, a totally free drawing app for Android that offers a multitude of tools to make illustrations, whether you want to create something basic or more professional.

You have at your disposal more than 300 brushes of different types, several tens of filters, different modes of fusion and rules, etc. Two of the most interesting features of ibis Paint X is that it records when you are drawing to create a video and offers a multitude of tutorials on YouTube to learn and improve the technique of users.

  1. Download ibis Paint X for Android

download "class =" lazyload

MediBang Paint

Image - 7 Procreate Android alternatives

MediBang Paint It does not depart much from the previous alternatives, it is also a very attractive drawing app that you will make the most of if you have an Android tablet with a digital pen, although you can also use it without any inconvenience in any Android phone.

It is a utility that allows you create drawing stories from a wide range of brushes, backgrounds and other tools such as textures, filters, backgrounds, balloons and even different types of sources if you want to add text or small voice clips for your stories.

  1. Download MediBang Paint for Android

download "class =" lazyload

Infinite Painter

Image - 7 Procreate Android alternatives

Another interesting alternative that you should try on your Android tablet is Infinite Painter. The truth is that it has very good ratings in the Google Play Store and the vast majority of comments from people who have downloaded it are positive.

It is a painting app for create your drawings from 160 brushes or the creation of new personalized by you. It has many options to transform, edit, clone, paint and perform all kinds of actions on your drawings. Its interface is comfortable and has all the tools perfectly classified to work without problems.

  1. Download Infinite Painter for Android

download "class =" lazyload

Autodesk SketchBook

Image - 7 Procreate Android alternatives

Autodesk SketchBook It is another application that can replace Procreate. The full version is completely free and through it the user can draw everything they want comfortably from their tablet and with their digital pen to refine all the details.

There are a variety of brushes and textures, shapes, colors, filters, effects and many other small tools that will allow you to create authentic works of art if you like drawing and experiment with them on tablets.

  1. Download Autodesk SketchBook for Android

download "class =" lazyload

LayerPaint HD

Image - 7 Procreate Android alternatives

We go with the last of the alternatives to Procreate, we talk about LayerPaint HD, a payment app that provides a wide range of tools to make drawings. You can add layers and perform all kinds of actions with them.

You will find different brushes, watercolor effects, selection tools, a multitude of filters and you can edit many parameters of your creations. The best way to get the most out of it is to use the application with a digital pen.

  1. Download LayerPaint HD for Android

download "class =" lazyload

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Have you ever used Procreate on an iPad? What do you think of these alternatives to Procreate?

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