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6 things that have amazed me about the iPhone 11 Pro

It is clear that the iPhone 11 Pro is the terminal of the year, that being said when there are almost two months left to finish it. The appearance of Pixel 4 has confirmed that Today does not seem to have a rival, Waiting for Samsung's next move. Everyone wants to get a phone that is giving a lot to talk about.

After almost a month in my hands, the iPhone 11 Pro only corroborates all the comments I have been reading, it is a sper class with which Apple has managed to make users fall in love again. The iPhone XS was perhaps not all that was promised, and the iPhone X was a dream of a season. If you are thinking of purchasing an iPhone 11 Pro, These 6 reasons can help you decide.

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6 things that have amazed me about the iPhone 11 Pro

Design, a declaration of principles

Throughout my history as an iPhone holder, I have practically had them all, this has been a very pleasant surprise. That crystal captivates from the first moment you have the iPhone in your hand. The three cameras give much better visual impact than the one that is included in the renders We have been suffering during the summer.

my pretty iPhone

It is a seamless terminal, with good grip and a feeling of excellent continuity, said that the design team of Cupertino does not stop working. At the notch one has already become accustomed, who knows if by the next year he will have already managed to hide. It is one of the pending subjects with which it is considered in the future.

It is so beautiful that they do not feel like putting on a cover, although I have not thought about it and have chosen the one of the Californian brand skin. Do not overweight the terminal, it even improves the grip and protects from those falls, whether you want it or not, and even if it is said by the company that the glass is the toughest jam ever mounted on an iPhone, I prefer not to play it.

iOS 13 manages to keep up

Apple has finally taken a giant step with this new operating system, which It moves like a fish in water on any of the compatible devices. In the iPhone 11 Pro is no exception, since being able to enjoy the dark mode was already a necessity. iOS 13 is extremely fluid, very intuitive, like each of its predecessors, and with a feeling of ease that does not leave you at any time.

iOs 13 Dark mode

It shows that there is an excellent job on the part of the developers, since the apps work with amazing ease. There is no doubt, iOS 13 was what we were waiting for. The improvements are really remarkable in the camera application, since it is totally possible to edit from the same phone with amazing quality. The control of lighting in Portrait Mode is another of its strengths. Good for Apple.

Its cameras, solid pillars

Perhaps it is the aspect that has been mentioned most. And while the iPhone no longer had a rival when it came to recording video, it has taken a great blow by giving its triple camera a new breakthrough. Now it is at the forefront, and not even the Pixel 4 has shadowed it. So much that they talked about the camera of the iPhone X two years ago, and now it is something that blushes to verify that the photos of that device were nothing of the other world if we refer to low light conditions.

two iPhone 11 Pro

Particularly I find myself amazed at the ultra wide angle, which allows us to keep anyone out of the picture. And just a week ago Deep Fusion has entered the scene, which gives a new twist when it comes to photographing. Now it is possible to make good snapshots almost automatically. Y Night Mode is really what is demanded by users. Apple has been slow to do so, but has designed it in the best possible way. Photos in low light conditions are now taken without fear.

As a determining aspect we have improvement in video stabilization. The first test I did when I took the device out of the box was to make a brief video, and when I saw the results I marveled. It is the closest thing to using a gimbal but without having it. Outside vibrations, a feeling of softness takes over the recordings. If Apple was already able to take advantage of video recording, now it has only increased.

A processor that breaks

The new A13 chip is the most powerful motor jams mounted on a telephone. You just have to take a look at the benchmark tests, where you spray your rivals. My needs as a User are relatively demanding, although although I do not play on the iPhone, it is true that I use it intensively. Jams in a month I have had nothing abnormal, no dangling or something similar. The speed is amazing and the device does not heat up. The 4 GB of RAM goes a long way, stating unequivocally that they are more than enough for a top phone like this.

A13 Bionic Processor

It is no mystery, this chip is the true spearhead in terms of power and reliability. Apple has been demonstrating since the acclaimed A11 that mounted on the iPhone X. And every year is exceeded, by something be.

A high battery

We all dreamed of a device that made us forget about Go looking for the charging cable in the middle of the afternoon. It is true that this phone does not have a battery of a brutal capacity, as it is possible to find in other Android phones.

Check AirPods battery

However, its good energy efficiency makes the battery is one point above that of the iPhone XR, which already stood out for its durability. It is something very grateful for those people who have high needs. You can say without any blush, that this iPhone lasts all day and part of the next, whatever your user conditions.

Fast loading

There is something that I can hardly understand and how Apple has continued to maintain a ridiculous 5W charger for more than a decade. However, in this Pro model we already find an 18 W charger that fill the device battery 50% in just 30 minutes.And although the cable included in the box is already with USB-C connection to lightning, you can get additional cables on Amazon. There are many high-rise options if you don't want to spend too much.

Buy for 12.99

If you think it's time to make the leap, the iPhone 11 Pro will not disappoint you. It has all the elements to be considered a device of the highest level. We leave you some purchase links in case you decide to take the step.

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