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5 species of Twitter users based on their behavior

When I started using Twitter a year ago, my first reaction was: "Where is the chat box?" And after discovering that we can't chat on Twitter the way we do on Facebook, my second reaction never came, it just disconnected me.

I hated it when you first used it, but after a while when I started using it regularly and began interacting with people, I began to enjoy and there came a time when my first browser tab was dedicated to Twitter.

Now that I am about addiction, I use Twitter but not so aggressively.

Twitter is used by millions of people around the world, but all Twitter users have 5 species.

I classified Twitter users according to their behavior on the website, these categories are also backed by a recent study that classifies tweets based on their content.

Here are 5 species of Twitter users,

one. Meaningless babbled species

This is the fastest growing species on Twitterverse. Almost all users at one time or another tweet meaningless about something that is normal on Twitter, but this species only does that, they tweet about almost everything that doesn't really matter to their followers.

2. Conversational species

I've seen some people I keep tweeting a lot, but their tweets don't land on my timeline. When I visited their profile, I discovered that they were committed to an endless thread of conversation and that I shouldn't disturb them.

If a conversation is becoming a long one, why doesn't this species go to chat and choose a faster way of communication?

3. Blog species

They do not care what is happening, what are the trends of Twitter today, what people are tweeting, all they care about is their tweet loaded with the links of their blog posts.

They hate conversations, but they love RT, they follow people with great hope of getting a follow-up. They are not mean, they are just like that.