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20 free and essential Android applications

Applications are the main part of a smartphone and what makes it smart in its name. Therefore, we have considered that it is a good time to bring you the 20 free applications what do we consider essential to have on an Android mobile.

We have selected very varied applications, for different functions, some more modern and others more classic, but we consider that all should be on any Android phone.

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Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

It is the application for listen to our favorite music by excellence.

We know that it has a paid version (Premium) but the free version allows us to enjoy the app without problems and, in addition to the last update, the restrictions to non-Premium users are lower.

  1. Download Spotify for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

With WhatsApp we do not have the slightest doubt that it has to be one of the applications that are in our Android mobile because, just by the volume of users who use it us it will be impossible not to have it today.

  1. Download WhatsApp for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

Telegram is the main WhatsApp competition. It may not be as massively extended as the app owned by Facebook, but more and more users prefer to have Telegram before WhatsApp.

In addition, for many users, it has become the saving app if WhatsApp fails, something that has also given Telegram a good number of downloads.

  1. Download Telegram for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Swiftkey is the reference keyboard in the Android world for many years.

There are many advantages that it brings to our writing such as its intelligent self-correction, its good system of remembering words, the large number of topics it has or the large number of configuration possibilities it offers us.

  1. Download Swiftkey for Android

download "class =" lazyload

TV Time

This is an application that helps us carry the control of our favorite series, in a time when there are so many and so good.

You can control those episodes you've already seen, comment on the chapters, share on networks and even rate the episode and the actors.

  1. Download TV Time for Android

download "class =" lazyload

VLC for Android

Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

Possibly the best video player for Android

It has a good interface, it is compatible with the vast majority of existing video systems, it has support for Chromecast, its own subtitle system and many more features that place it at the head (along with MX Player) of the players for the operating system of Google.

  1. Download VLC for Android

download "class =" lazyload

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Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

Shazam is the best application to identify a song that we are listening to, for example on the radio, and we want to know who the artist is, the name of the song and even watch the video on YouTube, add it to the playlist of Spotify or Apple Music or buy tickets for the concerts of that artist specific.

  1. Download Shazam for Android

download "class =" lazyload

Google Photos

Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

It’s the Google photo cloud with which you always we will have our photos at hand on our smartphone or computer.

If we keep the photos to the maximum resolution the storage is unlimited, in addition to being able to search for photos by dates, by places or by certain terms that we choose. All this very useful when we have photos saved for years.

  1. Download Google Photos for Android

download "class =" lazyload


We believe that the best application to read feeds It's feedly

It is an application with a very intuitive interface that allows us to create groups of feeds, announcements of favorite topics or read the most widely read.

  1. Download Feedly for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

For all those who like it play sports and analyze your physical activity Endomondo exists.

It is an application that allows us to measure our sports activity, measuring distance, duration, burned heats and many more parameters.

  1. Download Endomondo for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

An application for learn languages that we must also have it as necessary and more today that everything is increasingly globalized.

It is a fun app, full of questions to learn a multitude of languages, divided into several levels and with a very enjoyable way of teaching.

  1. Download Duolingo for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Another function that we can give to our Android mobile, can be the alarm clock and that's what Timely is for.

An application very easy to use, intuitive and that allows us, in addition to setting several alarms on different days, to have a timer and a clock as we have on the nightstand.

  1. Download Timely for Android

download "class =" lazyload

Google Drive

Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

To store our files in the cloud We have Google Drive

It is perfectly integrated with the operating system and, being Google, its interface is well known to all Android users.

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There are alternatives such as Dropbox or Mega, but we believe that the best is Drive.

  1. Download Google Drive for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Accuweather is a time application with many years behind him, but still maintaining its visual and informative quality.

Nor do we say that it is always right, because in this climate it does not seem possible, but it really comes close to what really happens next.

  1. Download Accuweather for Android

download "class =" lazyload

Google Files

Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

He file manager Android native is too simple and that's why we advise you to use Google Files.

This application from Google is a browser and a file manager that works really well and that is why it is in this list of free and essential Android applications.

  1. Download Google Files for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

Month is a calendar widget With a lot of different designs and possibilities to configure to our liking, which also integrates perfectly with the Google calendar.

  1. Download Month for Android

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Evernote is, for many, the best notepad for Android, not in vain is an application that millions of people have downloaded from the Play Store.

It presents a multitude of options among which it is possible to highlight the possibility of synchronization with PC or other devices at the moment.

  1. Download Evernote for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

Many of us use the phone as if it were a car navigator, this is not something that we are going to discover.

But if we can tell you what is the GPS application that seems essential to carry on our Android phone, and that is Waze.

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It is an extremely simple application to handle, with a high level interface and features of great help such as real-time traffic information, gas stations near our route and accident information, police controls, fixed radars or other risks , among other things.

  1. Download Waze for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

This news program It allows us to choose themes, collect the ones that seem most interesting and share them.

In addition, the program is learning from what we read most to adjust the news to the maximum of our profile.

  1. Download Flipboard for Android

download "class =" lazyload


Finally, we present 1Password, an application where we will keep all passwords that we have (from websites, emails or whatever we want) and thus be able to access them quickly and easily.

The only password we cannot forget is the one that 1Password is going to ask us to enter.

  1. Download 1Password for Android

download "class =" lazyload

These are the 20 free applications that we consider should never be missing in a Android phone, for all the possibilities they offer us.

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