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20 free and essential Android applications

Applications are the main part of a smartphone and what makes it smart in its name. Therefore, we have considered that it is a good time to bring you the 20 free applications what do we consider essential to have on an Android mobile.

We have selected very varied applications, for different functions, some more modern and others more classic, but we consider that all should be on any Android phone.

How to update all applications on Android


Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

It is the application for listen to our favorite music by excellence.

We know that it has a paid version (Premium) but the free version allows us to enjoy the app without problems and, in addition to the last update, the restrictions to non-Premium users are lower.

  1. Download Spotify for Android

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Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

With WhatsApp we do not have the slightest doubt that it has to be one of the applications that are in our Android mobile because, just by the volume of users who use it us it will be impossible not to have it today.

  1. Download WhatsApp for Android

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Image - 20 free and essential Android applications

Telegram is the main WhatsApp competition. It may not be as massively extended as the app owned by Facebook, but more and more users prefer to have Telegram before WhatsApp.

In addition, for many users, it has become the saving app if WhatsApp fails, something that has also given Telegram a good number of downloads.

  1. Download Telegram for Android

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Swiftkey is the reference keyboard in the Android world for many years.

There are many advantages that it brings to our writing such as its intelligent self-correction, its good system of remembering words, the large number of topics it has or the large number of configuration possibilities it offers us.

  1. Download Swiftkey for Android

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