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You become the most "smart" dealer of the moment in Picky Package

Picky Package is a new casual game in which you are put on the mission of bringing a large number of packages to their destination. The handicap of your professional adventure will be that you will have to avoid being hit by that traffic that passes at all hours along your route.

A casual very crossy road and in which the same language has been used in visual design. That is, we talk about many cubes, bright colors and a fun character design so that the games are as enjoyable as possible. One of those time-killing games to enjoy.

A relaxing time

After these last games in which the games are very intense, as with Final Blade or the great Darkness Rises, sometimes a lot is appreciated that we can have free and casual titles like this Picky Package. A game in which you will become the dealer of a lot of orders.

Picky Package

Come on, as if you had your own online store and you will deliver those orders that your customers demand. A graceful title for game mechanics and that is simply based on pressing whether to go up or down diagonally. That is to say, you will have to avoid those cars and trucks that go crazy with a quick press so that our protagonist turns to the opposite side.

Each level is composed of a limit quantity of orders to deliver, so you can breathe a little to continue your journey in Picky Package. These levels will be differentiated by different environments and by the day and night cycle that will make the games varied. A point that gives him that one and that he does not even paint a casual game of this type for Android.

Unlock characters in Picky Package

As in Crossy Road, in Picky Package you must get coins to unlock new characters and locations. Not only will you have to get the football player, the Vampire or Santa Claus, but you can access new environments in which you will have to deliver those packages to your customers.


It also does not neglect special skills such as the ability to to destroy cars as we pass or even fly with a drone to make deliveries quickly and without having to have to disheve. So as you can see, with Picky Package we have a casual game more than complete, although with its limitations, since the extension of those streets is limited to a few crossings; at least in the first levels.

With all this we will have a free title for Android with which enjoy for many days. It will depend on how it fits us, and the new updates launched by its developer, so that we get enough of it and continue playing it. At first it looks great so that we can become a full-fledged one as if we were working for that company known to all.

The speed first

So to put the batteries and discover that good list of characters to unlock and those environments. A title in which also highlights the field approach which best shows the action to leave the background quite realistically.


Technically it is very good, although with its limitations to be a casual in every rule. We can highlight the design of his characters, the emoticons that our protagonist releases when he dies or those cubic environments to minecraft That fit perfectly. A funny title that has a special point for us to forget about those PUBG Mobile and others.

Picky Package comes to Android as a new title and enjoy for minutes that simple and addictive gameplay that offers from the first seconds. Oh, and those boxes are not missing to unlock new prizes such as coins to get characters.

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Picky Package

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  • Picky Package
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  • Good visual style
  • Addictive
  • Variety of environments

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