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We already have the first concept of iOS 14 and it looks spectacular

iOS 13 on iPhone

With iOS 13 just landed officially, already It is time to unleash our imagination and start looking to the future and iOS 14. YouTube user the Hacker 14 has posted a video showing a concept of what the next version of iOS could be.

A new less intrusive call interface.

Receiving a call on the iPhone occupies the entire screen as we all know. In this concept, the incoming call interface will be less intrusive, since instead of occupying the entire screen this will be a card at the top with the name of the caller and the quick actions for the call.

New freely relocatable icons.

After several years without a dramatic change in iOS icons, iOS 14 could be a turning point and finally include new ones. According to the concept shown in the video, they will also be freely relocatable. A benefit that has always been given in the jailbreak and that although unlikely will be safe welcome.

Split View iPhone

Split View

In the same way as the iPad allows us to keep several applications on the screen at the same time, iOS 14 will also allow this on the iPhone. It is a benefit that possibly will be limited to iPhone with greater diagonal, but in any case it will be appreciated.

A multi-user device

This may seem less useful for the iPhone, but it will be a feature that satisfies iPad users a lot, since now it can only be used with a user account and in this way we can enjoy it as if it were a Mac .

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<h2>Always-on display and lock screen with complications.</h2>
<p>After the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 5 always-on screen <strong>it will not be surprising to see this function in iOS 14</strong> and the new iPhone of next year. While it is a part limited by hardware, it will be feasible to see it at the launch of new devices.<br />
On the other hand, <strong>the appearance of complications on the lock screen is something that has been requested for a long time</strong> and if it came true, along with the screen always on will be a joy for users.</p>
<p>The Always-on display along with complications on the lock screen is a feature that will be a joy for users.</p>
<p>What do you think of this concept? Do you think it is successful? What news do you think Apple will have prepared for iOS 14? Do not hesitate to tell us your expectations and opinion of this early concept that despite the early includes many of the most demanded features.</p>