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Twitter India responds to & # 039; bias & # 039; charges, says we are impartial, we do not take measures based on any ideology, political point of view & # 039;

Twitter has published a statement in the form of a long thread to address the ongoing discussion of its rules and policies that affect users of Indian minorities on the platform. The thread tried to ensure that the site is committed to inclusion and diversity, since it is essential for the effectiveness of its service.

Twitter India responds to bias charges, says we are impartial, do not take action based on any ideology, political point of view

People who have mobile phones are cut out on a projected background with the Twitter logo in this illustrated image taken in Warsaw on September 27, 2013. Image: Reuters

The microblogging platform I fall under controversy He was recently accused of allowing caste discrimination and caste hierarchy. Several anti-caste activists and academics claimed that Twitter has been imposing restrictions on accounts belonging to minority groups in India.

"Voices from across the spectrum can be seen and heard on Twitter and we are committed to the principles of openness, transparency and impartiality," said the thread.

However, Twitter activists raised their voices against repression of voices based on their caste that became a campaign with the hashtag #JaiBhimJaiPeriyar. This hashtag marks the coalition of Jai Bhim, a popular Dalit slogan used as a reference to greet Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Periyar Erode Venkatappa Ramasamy.

Twitter states that the application of its "Rules" is carried out by a global team. The team is trained on issues that include religion and caste to provide the local context necessary for the proper evaluation to be carried out.

The online protests began after Twitter decided to abruptly disable Professor Dilip Mandal's account, who is also a consulting editor on a news website. Mandal had tweeted on Wednesday, which formed the basis of the hashtag #cancelallBlueTicksinIndia.

To address the problem about the verification process, Twitter said its public verification process is closed and only verifies public figures that are "active in public conversation."

Twitter users did not take this statement lightly and many had much to say about how the platform handled such problems.

The thread ended with Twitter saying: "We are committed to serving an open public conversation in India and will continue to be transparent in our efforts."

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