This is his hidden Trivial style game to liven up parties

This is his hidden Trivial style game to liven up parties

It is an obvious fact that smart speakers are here to stay. The voice assistants of Google, Amazon and Apple have marked a before and after in the history of technology, creating a new product that is increasingly necessary and useful. And, nobody can deny that Google Assistant is the most complete assistant. Hence, the Google Home and other products of the giant based in Mountain View are the best selling solutions.

The Internet giant loves to play hide small Easter eggs in all its products. Every year we see how Google Maps offers mini games that you can activate to spend those dead times. The well-known dinosaur that appears when Google Chrome does not work, is an entertainment that will have saved you from boredom on more than one occasion. Y Google Home It was not going to be an exception.

So you have to configure your Google Home or Home Mini

Yes, we have already told you about the funniest voice commands you can give to your smart speaker. Today, we are going to show you a game that hides Google Home and other devices that integrate Google Assistant, and that can help you have a laugh with your friends. The best? That you can also activate it directly through Google Assistant from your mobile phone.

Google Home Mini

I know it, the fun hidden game Trivial style of Google Home

We refer to "I know it." Yes, Google Home hides a Trivial for several players that allow you to sting with your friends and loved ones to see who hits more questions. Of course, do not expect few options, because the artificial intelligence created by the great G has a good range of possibilities that will leave you stone.

To do this, all you have to do is activate the voice assistant, and tell him that you want to play Trivial. Or directly that you want to play me. Automatically, I will tell you that you can start playing. Ask you about the number of players in the game and tell you that each player will have an alias invented by Google Home to refer to him.

A fairly simple game, but that can be used for many situations. The light is gone at home but your smart speaker works in the middle of the party? Well, you know, «I know it» from Google Home It will be your best ally. What are you waiting for to try it!