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These are the best iPhone X cases you can buy

Although other newer Apple phone models have already appeared, the iPhone X is still an excellent choice. If you have one, you will surely be interested to know what are the best cases for the iPhone X. The truth is that the iPhone X has a large and beautiful screen, with a dual camera and a magnificent design. Although it can be damaged too easily and, therefore, we consider that it will be good for you to add some protection to Apple's new phone.

Our favorites

After trying several iPhone X cases, we have decided that the following three are the best:

Nodus Access Case ($ 60 dollars)



one from 5

This elegant wallet case is made of Italian leather and is available in brown, black, gray and teal.

The leather exterior is elegant and practical. Inside, things are a bit different because the iPhone X is held in place by a micro-suction of adhesive that does not mark your device.

In addition, it has a single large pocket for cards or cash on the deck and can be folded again to place the phone horizontally.

The interior has a soft microfiber finish and offers uninterrupted access to ports, controls and other features, with a cutout on the back for the dual camera.


Skech Stark Case



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It can be frustrating to have to cover your magnificent iPhone X to protect it properly, and that is why Skech has developed its Stark case. It is a minimalist protection that focuses on the corners and the upper and lower edges of your phone. The sides are left completely open, and it comes in light or black varieties, which allow Apple's design to shine on its own. There are generous cutouts for the port, speaker and camera, while the upper and lower edges protrude slightly to protect your impressive OLED screen. It adds almost nothing, and does not interfere with wireless charging. Best of all, it has been tested from 8 feet. It is a very tight fit, but we believe that the protection offered here, in such a minimal package, is impressive.

Mikol Waitomo Ruby Travertine Case



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Are you looking for something different? Mikol offers an impressive variety of marble, amethyst and other stone cases. Travertine is very expensive, yes, but it has Italian limestone that gets its special appearance of mineral springs, and also shines in the dark. The case in s has black plastic and precise cuts for easy access to everything. The sanded and hand cut stone is unique, and you can put your initials or your name engraved in gold on the back for an additional $ 25. The matter goes in style, and it is certain that you will attract attention wherever you go. For the rest, we do not believe that it provides much protection against falls, and in fact the stone itself can be damaged if you crush it.


And the rest

Lumee Duo Vibes



one from 5

If you like to take pictures in dark environments, either because you're partying in a bar with your friends or on the dance floor, Lumee's cases may be just what you need. Even during the day, additional lighting can help you take the best photos. There are LED stripes on the front and back of this case that do much more than the flash of your iPhone to illuminate any scene. Press the button on the back to see the lighting options, which include a fun strobe effect. The case is charged through a Micro USB port and lasts up to two hours with maximum brightness, although there are different configurations. This case should also protect your iPhone from damage for each, although it can be somewhat thick and expensive.

Moshi Talos Case



one from 4

Moshi took things very seriously with this protective case for iPhone X. It offers protection against military grade falls, so these should never again be a problem. There are ridges along both sides, which really improve the grip, and the edge around the screen is pronounced. For the rest, there are precise cutouts, a cover for the Lightning port and flush button covers. We really like the angular style with the carbon fiber pattern on the back. Add some volume, but the wireless charge still works with the cover on. If you tend to be clumsy with your phone, this is a very good option. It comes in black and gray.

Incipio Carnaby Esquire Case

The new and intelligent Vortex case from Skech combines high quality protection with some really ingenious features. It is a hard shell that has been tested every 10 feet.

In addition, it has a beautiful soft touch finish and a smart metal ring on the back that can be extended to act as a support to hold your iPhone X up. You can also slide a finger on the ring to keep your phone firm. Each Vortex case is shipped with a magnetic ventilation bracket for the car. The only drawback is that the wireless charge does not work due to the metal.

Speck Presidio Grip

In general, we always love Presidio Grip. With a polycarbonate fuser and Speck's patented flexible rubber blend known as Impactium, this case protects your iPhone X from drops of up to 10 feet. The ridges not only dissipate the impact and provide a striking design, but also facilitate the grip of your phone. Steep button covers, precise openings and a raised edge around the screen complete one of the best iPhone protective cases you can buy.

Silk Base Grip

It is a slim, flexible and affordable TPU case that has an intelligent design. The frame of the case has a texture that makes it stick to your hand, reducing the risk of falls of your iPhone X. There is also a protection of air mattress in the corners, a raised edge around the screen and button covers touch. It is very thin, so it does not interfere with the wireless load, although we are not sure how much protection against falls you can expect. Nor is it the most attractive case in the world, but if grip is your priority, you won't find anything better.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case

This case offers impressive protection against falls of up to 11 feet. In addition, it has a protective edge for the screen, touch button covers and precise cuts.

The cases are also compatible with the RhinoShield tempered glass screen protector and lens adapters for things like wide-angle and macro photography. You can opt for several finishes, including black or plain white plastic, carbon fiber and a range of wood finishes; Our favorite is the dark walnut with a black bumper. RhinoShield also has leather, microfiber and brushed steel covers on the works.


Urban Armor Gear Monarch

With five layers of protection, the UAG Monarch case is as hard as it looks in the photo. We like its platinum finish, which is actually made of polycarbonate on leather with a textured area, which really improves its grip. If your precious possession escapes your hands, do not be afraid: this case will protect your iPhone X from drops and bumps. Despite its thick appearance, it is actually quite thin and very light. It also does not interfere with wireless charging or Apple Pay.


Caudabe Veil XT Case

With only 0.35 mm thick, this is one of the thinnest cases for the iPhone X. If you do not want to give the Apple style, then this may be for you. Do not expect much in terms of protection against falls, but the textured finish improve your grip. There is a high around the camera lens, but there is no frame around the screen. The covers and button openings are precise, and this case feels like a second skin. And you can opt for several colors.


Noreve Tradition Case

Choosing an elegant quilted leather from France is a good way to dress your iPhone X, providing an elegant look and ensuring protection against damage. This case opens with a hinge at the bottom and a secure pressure closure at the top. The iPhone X will remain comfortable and secure and you will find clippings for the buttons, the camera and the port. You can choose the grain and color of leather you want to achieve an ideal leather case for the iPhone X.


Grovemade Minimalist Tough Case

Sometimes, we understand that it may be a bit difficult to find a case that offers solid protection without compromising the phone's style.

That is why Grovemade, based in Portland, has developed a new line of cases or cases for the iPhone X that combine a fall protection with natural materials and style.

Its hard frames combine aluminum with a shock absorbing band and come with a choice of wood or leather back panels. Our top selection combines black aluminum with American Walnut, which has a pre-booking price with a discount of $ 100 dollars.


Rokform Crystal Case

The great attraction of Rokform cases is its intelligent mounting system to securely fix your iPhone to a bicycle, car, motorcycle or anything else.

But not only offers that. It also has a magnet in the back and a magnetic support to connect it to the grill of your car's air conditioning.

In addition, Rokform cases comply with military standards that are fall-proof and mix transparent polycarbonate with flexible TPU padding where you need it most. They are available in different colors.

Nomad Clear Case

Nomad always makes great use of leather in its cases or cases and the Clear Case for the iPhone X will be our favorite design of the company. In addition, the Nomad cover improves grip and has an elegant appearance. The rear panel is made of crystalline polycarbonate, which is mixed with a softer part and a protector on the sides. In addition, Nomad ensures that the case is good for drops of up to six feet.

Native Union Click Canvas

Native Union always provides style with its Clic smartphone cases and the Clic Canvas model for the iPhone X is no exception. It offers reinforced edges that extend over the screen to add greater protection. But it is the canvas section that makes the Canvas look and feel great. It is tactile, resistant and looks great. The Native Union logo rises, which gives the back a more elegant look. It is also light and easy to adjust and remove. However, the button covers are quite difficult to press when the housing is new.

Gear4 D3O Piccadilly Case

Made with the extraordinary D3O material, this Gear4 case can handle drops and bumps easily, protecting your iPhone X from drops of up to 10 feet. The housing is transparent, with precise cutouts for the camera, side button and port, and touch button covers. The thick, colored and rounded frame adds some grip and extends beyond the screen to eliminate impacts. It comes in white, rose gold, gold or black.

Mous Limitless Case

Here is another manufacturer that tries to deliver protection without neglecting elegance. The Mous Limitless case is quite thin and is available in various materials including wood, carbon fiber, leather and marble.

The Mous case features “AiroShock”, an intelligent material that can absorb a large amount of impacts. The design also includes some button covers and cutouts for easy access to all the functions of the new iPhone.

Snakehive Pastel Collection Wallet Case

Designed in the UK and handmade in Europe, these soft leather cases for your new iPhone X are available in a range of attractive pastel colors for a different look.

The Nubuck leather exterior offers a soft texture to make the grip comfortable.

It also has a magnetic closure on the lid and space inside for some cards. The lid can also be folded back to act as a support. A plastic structure inside will keep your iPhone X in place, but with all the openings necessary to access the camera and charge the phone without problems.

Karapax Shield + Case

This case is to protect your new iPhone X against bumps and drops.

It feels flexible, with cutouts in all the right places and has button caps that are soft and easy to press.

The back offers an industrial design. And if you've never heard the name of Karapax before, it may be that the reason is that it is a new brand from one of our favorite portable battery charger manufacturers, Anker.

Mujjo leather case

If you are looking for elegance, comfort and protection, we are almost sure that the Mujjo leather case you will like. First of all, it is soft to the touch, it adapts perfectly to the iPhone and its slightly raised edges offer that extra security that we need in any smartphone and even more in the iPhone X.

It also has all the necessary clippings for the buttons and the rear camera. And, as if all this were not enough, the Mujjo cases are characterized by adding a small compartment in the back to carry the ID or credit card without having to lift the entire wallet or card holder.

Even if you want to escape from the black classic, you can also opt for olive / olive green, orange or gray.

Case-Mate Brilliance Tough Case

If you like glitter, the Case-Mate Brilliance range is unbeatable.

Each case or case has more than 800 real crystals.

And it complies with the military norms to test of falls, reason why your iPhone X can be able to survive one each in this case. It also offers protection to safeguard the screen, metal button covers and generous openings for ports and other functions.

Otterbox Strada Series Folio Case

new iphone x otterbox cases

A name appears again and again when it talks about smart phone protection: Otterbox. Otterbox cases undergo a strict series of tests, from tests of each normal, to resistance to makeup, so you can be sure that Otterbox cases are designed to withstand any challenge.

His series of pages Strada is of particular interest to anyone who wants to keep his device protected, but still emits an air of executive style.

A premium leather wrap envelope keeps the touch screen protected when not in use, and comes with a card slot vertically, to have credit cards or cash on hand.

The polycarbonate case fits your iPhone, has a raised edge to protect the screen even when it is discovered, and is covered by the Otterbox Drop + certified protection. This case combines excellent protection with a style that you love to wear

* Article updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on November 8, 2019.

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