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The Xiaomi Mi A3 is updated to fix a bug in your camera

Xiaomi Mi A3

This same week a bug was discovered in the camera of the Xiaomi Mi A3. The new mid-range of the Chinese brand I was not able to record video in 1080p at 30 fps with the stabilizer active. A bug that was annoying for users, but that the brand has sought to solve very quickly, since they have released an update for users with this phone.

In this way, This bug in the camera of the Xiaomi Mi A3 should be fixed, allowing users to be able to record video at all times using the active stabilizer. It is not known that yes, what has been the origin of this failure in the camera. At least there has been a solution to it, which is the important thing.

Has already been released an OTA of just over 100 MB in weight for the Xiaomi Mi A3. Thanks to it, which you have probably already received on the phone, this problem is solved with the mid-range camera. It is being deployed throughout the world right now.

Xiaomi Mi A3

It is certainly good to see that the company has acted so quickly in this regard. A bug that is annoying and prevents you from enjoying a key function in the phone. Without making too much noise, the company has solved this error and deploy such OTA throughout the world.

You don't have to do anything to get the OTA if you have a Xiaomi Mi A3. It's a matter of waiting to receive it, something that probably has already happened or happens within a few hours in your case. So you can enjoy in this way all the functions of the phone's camera.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 was officially presented two weeks ago at an event in Spain. It is already the third generation with Android One of the Chinese brand and is designed to be very liked in the mid-range. It presents a great value, which certainly helps to make it a popular option.

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