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The Realme 5 Pro receives dark mode, wide-angle video and more »ERdC

The Realme 5 Pro receives dark mode, wide angle video and more

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After launching a few days ago the kernel source codes for Realme 5 Pro; The company began implementing a new device update, also installing the October 2019 security patch. The Realme 5 Pro update RMX1971E_11.A.11 It has some new features of considerable importance; now the Smartphone can use the highly acclaimed dark mode in the system.

The dark mode is not the only big news, since Realme 5 pro also receives with the new OTA update a wide angle video shooting mode. The update is also responsible for performing certain optimizations; allowing a better experience with the touch when playing; and adding a better energy consumption when recording 4K and 1080p videos at 60 fps. The problem of repeated approach that bothered so much was solved; The HDR photo point was also resolved. Another problem like the green stripes on the camera's video preview screen was resolved.

This new update is being implemented by the company through stages. If you have not yet received the new update, you don't have to worry; Surely being receiving is shortly. For those users who do not like to wait, they can directly update the ROM to their Realme 5 Pro. The size of the update is quite large, despite weighing 2.81 GB; therefore, it is recommended to download it connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The official record of changes offered by the update is as follows:


  • The new security patch of October 5, 2019 is implemented.


  • Dark mode is now available.


  • Wide angle video capture function added.


  • Optimization for a better touch experience when playing.

Energy Optimization:

  • Optimized power consumption while recording 4K and 1080P videos @ 60FPS.

Other problems that were solved:

  • The problem of the HDR photo of post-sale comments was corrected.
  • The problem of repeated approach was corrected.
  • The preview of 1080p at 60 fps was corrected with green stripes when changing the time lapse photo and the 1080p mode at 60 fps.
  • Optimized clarity indoors and in low light.

If you are a user of a Smartphone Realme 5 Pro, and have already received the new update, let us know in the comments corner; and tell us about your experience and functionality of the new update. We will be attentive to any new information to send it to you.

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