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The new official Xiaomi app is used to buy products from China from abroad

Xiaomi is one of the mobile brands that move the most to diversify. The ecosystem of products is really wide but even today it is difficult to buy some of these devices that are only sold in China.

For this, Xiaomi has launched a new application called ShareSave that allows you to buy products that are only in China but from other countries. The launch has been in India, the most important market of this manufacturer after China, but It will expand to other countries.

In fact the app is already in the Google Play Store but at the moment it cannot be downloaded from other locations.

A new way to buy

As the company has explained in its official blog, ShareSave is a way to buy more social, which will give us discounts if instead of one unit we buy several, whether two or more. We will have three modes of purchase:

  1. In pairs: to achieve a discount on both units.
  2. Groups: with discounts of up to 100% in a unit when there are multiple people targeted.
  3. Kickstart: pay a tiny amount and multiply it by 10 when buying the product when it goes on sale.

In addition to Xiaomi products there will be others of the more than 100 companies with which the Lei Jun company is currently collaborating. Examples of products are some that we already have in Spain such as smart light bulbs or smart toothbrush, but also others that are not yet.

It will be an alternative to import stores that most of you know, and Xiaomi is committed to keeping prices adjusted, something that is more than interesting. In addition, the company can know what is most interesting to a market to take it there officially later.

Hopefully Spain, Mexico and other Latin American countries are among the first to receive this application.


You can download and install the APK from APKMirror and although we can use our international Xiaomi accounts, for now as we say in the article you can only buy from India. However we can navigate, see what products there are and how the application works.