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The iPhone 11 Pro has a great camera, but it does not surpass Huawei and Xiaomi

Today the cameras are protagonists in a telephone, it seems that a very important point in this battle to be the best is in the photograph, and hence many brands are totally focused on improving the experience through the computational photography and the artificial intelligence.

For this reason we have seen how the Asian manufacturers have improved significantly in this section, and today the leaders of the mobile photography are the Chinese, and everything is reinforced after the last photographic analysis of the specialized firm, DxOMark.

The iPhone 11 Pro does not reach Mate 30 or Xiaomi Mi Note 10

In the test, the iPhone 11 Pro has achieved a total score of 117, which is just 4 points below the Huawei Mate 30 and the Xiaomi CC9 Pro (Xiaomi Mi Note 10). So Apple's phone ties with the Galaxy Note 10+ and exceeds by 1 point the Galaxy S10 +.

What attracts a lot of attention is that in a matter of video, the iPhone has always been the king, and few Android did it as well as Apple, however, they had never exceeded the video quality of Apple phones.

But precisely this model has the same video rating as the Xiaomi CC9 Pro, so we talk about that probably the best Android in photographic quality this year is the last Xiaomi team, which has managed to overcome or match the best Apple phone in photography and video.

Among the weakest points of the iPhone 11 Pro is that in the night photography the white balance tends to be much more yellow than it should, being surpassed by many phones in this section, although that does not mean that their night photographs are bad.

The Xiaomi CC9 Pro has a camera as good as the Mate 30 Pro, and costs 3 times less

This basically closes the year in terms of the comparison of the most important phones of 2019, we have the scores of the best teams so far and we just need to analyze what equipment to buy for the holiday season.