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The Galaxy Buds will also be available in the new color that the Galaxy Note 10 has released

Galaxy Buds

On August 7, the Korean company Samsung will officially present the new Galaxy Note range, with the launch of the Note 10. Many are the rumors that we have published about this new terminal, including the ifinal images of what could be the new generation of the Note range.

In those images, we can see a very colorful silver color, a color that as usual is only available within the Note range, at least if we talk about Samsung smartphones, since everything seems to indicate that the Galaxy Buds, Samsung's wireless headphones, will also be available in that color.

Galaxy Buds

At the moment we do not know what the final name of that color is, although everything seems to indicate that it will be Aura Glow, Let's wait to see how they finally translate it. This news comes directly from the Samsung website in France, who already shows the Galaxy Buds in this new color, although they are not yet for sale.

Galaxy Buds

Everything indicates that the Galaxy Note 10 will be the first terminal of the Korean firm in completely forget the headphone jack. This movement forces the company to offer headphones with USB-C connection, and most likely they are still from the same firm AKG, a firm that has been part of Samsung for a couple of years and that is certainly a great Attractive for sound lovers.

The Galaxy Buds are currently one of the best alternatives currently available in the market If we are looking for a wireless headset, without any cable, and with a good autonomy. In addition, through the application available in the Play Store, we can modify a large number of parameters, to adjust them to our needs, preferences or tastes.

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