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The best bridge construction game: Bridge Constructor Portal

We knew of its existence and finally we have it available for download on Android: Bridge Constructor Portal. It is not Portal 3, but it does come with the mythical GLADOS.

Construction games have a special aura that not only engages, but also stimulates intelligence and logic. Many are those who embrace this style on Android, although there is one that became classic: World of goo. Other games followed the mechanics of building bridges based on joining linear blocks, but now the definitive bridge construction game comes to us: Bridge Constructor Portal.

The best bridge construction game: Bridge Constructor Portal

Headup, a developer that has in its catalog a few games with the same theme, decided to join the game Portal with the construction of bridges. The presentation video made us dream of Portal 3, even if they do not have much to do apart from the use of portals and the voice of GLaDOS. But don't be disappointed so fast and give it a try: Headup has achieved an impressive game.

Construction of bridges, portals and GLaDOS, the definitive combo

The best bridge construction game: Bridge Constructor Portal

The combination might seem strange, but the truth is that it ends up being successful: once you start playing it is impossible to stop. Always following the usual mechanics of this type of games: join roads building a bridge with the elements we have.

Physics, logic, a lot of imagination … and portals. The screens grow in complexity while they are openly inspired by the Portal scenarios, to the delight of those of us who are fans of the Valve saga (please, Portal 3 already). Bridge Constructor Portal It is a game that grows in complexity as we advance levels offering a solution for each of them that will often be more imaginative than logical.

The best bridge construction game: Bridge Constructor Portal

Humor is not neglected in the game as it begins with a fun job interview. Once at the bridge builder post, We will work for Aperture Science in the design of these constructions. To do this we will have blocks that we can extend to join them together forming a tangle that is sustained. We will also have cables to support these constructions and, of course, portals with which to take vehicles to other parts of the screen.

The best bridge construction game: Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is simple in approach but very complex in execution. Not only because building according to which bridges will be a titanic task, also because throwing the blocks without making mistakes involves precisely controlling the touch screen. It requires a slight adaptation, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

Fun, with an added originality and with all the essence of Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is a game that everyone will like, even if Portal fans are more excited. GLaDOS will explain each level in the beginning with its English voice using its fine machine humor. The game has texts in Spanish, so you won't have problems with the language.

The biggest downside of Bridge Constructor Portal is its price: It costs 5.49 euros. It has just launched in the Google Play Store, so you will surely have specific offers later. Although yes: for its quality, its extension, for all the details of Portal and by the ingenuity of GLaDOS, it is worth buying now. We recommend it: it's a great little wonder.