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The best Android apps to quit smoking

If you have been a smoker for years and your number of cigarettes a day is very high, you may need more than an app. Try to consult your doctor or find more information, but what is clear is that these apps will help you in the process.

Quit smoking gradually – Quit smoking with guidelines and help

With a name as explicit asQuit smoking bit by bitLittle room for doubt remains. This app allows us to put the amount of cigarettes you smoke in one day and the days you want to quit.

The app will tell you how often you can smoke and gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes, it does so that withdrawal is noticed as little as possible. One of the apps to quit smoking that you like.

Quit smoking bit by bit

Quit smoking bit by bit

S?acab – Short of reason

This app, calledS?acabIt is an application of the Spanish Society of Smoking Specialists (SEDET). This app will provide you with tips and help to cope with the first weeks, which are the hardest. Whether reminding you of the benefits of not smoking or being able to remember your reasons for this by pointing it out.

It also calculates what you are saving on tobacco since you are trying to quit, which is always an incentive for it. You also have achievements, time you have been without smoking, explanation of the medication and a long etc.

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EasyQuit – An app with a thousand options

The next option isEasyQuit, although in the Play Store in Spanish it appears simply asQuit smoking app.This app allows you to consult scientific statistics to remember all the benefits of not smoking. Statistics related to blood circulation, mental health, oxygen levels and much more.

It has a way to quit smoking slowly and that the blow is not so hard, although you can do it faster with other modes. You can also check your saved money.

EasyQuit states that if you feel like smoking a cigar, with a memory game that is provided that barely lasts 3 minutes you feel like it. Will you try it?

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smoking cessation app

smoking cessation app

Respirapp – The AECC app

This app is the one offered by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). This app offers us a guidance guide in 4 phases. This guide allows us to quit smoking in about a month. You will even have a free phone for help and inquiries.

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