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The Apple Apple Store reopens its doors and seeks to go beyond a store

The Apple Store located in Puerta del Sol (Madrid) has reopened its doors after several weeks of partial closure in which the company has made several modifications inside the building.

The new space, as the company explains, try to go beyond the simple sale of products or technical support. The manufacturer intends to turn the emblematic Puerta del Sol building into a meeting point where creativity can be fostered through technology. In fact, the company no longer refers to this place as Apple Store Puerta del Sol, but as Apple Puerta del Sol, a name change that reflects the brand's intention to take its iconic spaces beyond the classic store concept.

The team of the new Apple Puerta del Sol is composed of 230 employees of different nationalities, almost double the 125 with which it opened in June 2014. All of them have very diverse professions, such as design, photography, architecture or music, which reflects the cultural plurality that the company intends to convey in this new space.

On a visual level, the most noticeable modification is found in the central area of ??the store, where Apple has placed what they call Forum. It is an area full of wooden and leather seats, all of them located in front of a large screen that, in addition to decorating and displaying relevant information about the store, is also used for the sessions of Today at Apple.

On the lower floor, The company has the Boardroom, a space where the store's business team advises entrepreneurs, developers and SMEs on various levels. This room, whose furniture and appearance has been slightly redesigned, reveals a large part of the infrastructure of the original building, thus respecting the architecture of such an emblematic place.

On the top floor, the company has significantly increased the area available. However, the most noticeable change is the demolition of the walls located at the end of the floor. Instead, there are now the characteristic windows of the building, which offer a panoramic view of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid and natural lighting for most of the day. The decoration of this plant has also been modified, which also has seats and advisory tables for customers.

These static modifications are complemented by the programs of Today at Apple, which seek to increase training and creativity among the passers-in that enter the store. The sessions are classified into three formats: techniques, routes and studies. All of them are free and deal with various topics: photography, video, music, programming, art, etc. Customers who do not own company products can also join these sessions, as the manufacturer temporarily transfers some of its equipment for the correct execution of the session.

Between November 15 and December 7, in addition, Apple deliver some of the special sessions of Today at Apple at CaixaForum Madrid, located on the Paseo del Prado. These are open to all visitors to the center and are classified into three types, according to the manufacturer:

  • Photo route: buildings and structures, to learn to find another perspective to photograph buildings, architectural details and structures with the iPhone or iPad.
  • Art route: discover the color, in which participants learn to capture the colors around them and unleash their creativity based on the context in which they are placed through applications such as Procreate and products such as the iPad Pro.
  • Programming study for children, which aims to interest the little ones in the development of software using a Sphero robot.

Finally, and to celebrate the renewal of Apple Puerta del Sol, the company will organize a series of special sessions until November 9, which are included under the motto Give light to your ideas. These include:

  • Design studio: Madrid in a word with lex Lpez.
  • Musical performance: Dani Fernndez.
  • Art studio: Madrid on the catwalk with Moiss Nieto.
  • Art studio for children: Create your neighborhood with Blanca Gmez.
  • Photography studio: portraits with ALMA and Rita Puig-Serra.