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Stardew Valley is already in pre-registration on Google Play

Stardwew valley

Stardew Valley is a game that enjoys huge popularity in Stream. Therefore, it is one of the most anticipated games by users on Android. Finally, the time has come, because its arrival is officially confirmed to Android. Although you have to wait a while, because the game is already in its previous registration.

The premise of Stardew Valley has conquered many players. It is a game in which you embody a person who has inherited an agricultural plot from his grandfather. You have to leave everything to go to the field. Therefore, you will have to raise animals, plant, water, collect the cultivated and have everything clean.

The developer of the game has confirmed that the version of it for Android is on its way. Therefore, users can already register on Google Play in their previous registration. It is expected to be the same price as in iOS. So we will have to Pay 8.99 euros for download.

This is something that can affect the success of Stardew Valley on Android. Since most apps are free and users are somewhat reluctant to have to pay for applications or games in the store. Although you never know, its popularity in Stream could also be transferred to Android. We will have to wait to see.

For now it has been already available to users prior registration. But we do not have any information about the release date that you will have on Android. If you sign up for the previous registration you will have a notice when it is already available in your geographical area.

Although if you don't want to wait, you can try downloading Stardew Valley on your phone, as may be possible with other apps in previous registration. We will see how users receive in the Play Store this independent studio title. Have you played this game before?

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