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Sony suggests that the PS5 may be cheaper than we expected

We are one year away from the most exciting holiday season in years for the players. Both Sony and Microsoft will start selling PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett before next Christmas, and both consoles are expected to offer significant increases in performance compared to their predecessors due to considerable hardware improvements. Neither Sony nor Microsoft have committed to the actual release dates, and we have no idea how these devices will look or how much they will cost when they finally reach stores.

What we do have are price rumors that suggest that the PS5 may be more expensive than the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. But Sony actually addresses PS5 pricing concerns during its last call with investors, and consumers should be excited .

A few weeks ago, a leak claimed that PS5 will cost 499 in Europe, which will probably translate to $ 499 in the US. UU. While Sony has not yet revealed the actual price of the console, the company's chief financial officer, Hiroki Totoki, addresses concerns about the price of the console during a recent earnings call, T3 reports.

The executive said that the profitability of the PS5 depend on the price, but made it clear that Sony is "analyzing the cost, the acceptable price in the market and the penetration of the platform", while being "very aware of the level of earnings for investors and for the market. "

This seems to suggest that Sony is looking to make the most of the PS5 launch when it comes to sales, and the best way to guarantee it is to create an affordable pricing scheme that convinces most consumers to upgrade. A different leak said that the PS5 could be launched in early December 2020, as Sony is looking to ensure a significant supply of chips before the launch of the PS5.

Totoki also referred to the 2020 holiday launch window, saying it is the "most important step in the development of the PlayStation platform." Customers are more likely to buy new consoles during the holiday shopping season, and Sony will definitely want to make the most of next year.

The Xbox Scarlett should have a similar price, considering the fierce competition between Sony and Microsoft. But we will have to wait a little before the two companies officially announce the two consoles: the PS5 may be presented in full in February, according to some reports.