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Skype for Android gets the dark mode in its update

Skype is the most popular video calling application For many users. It also has its Android version, which is updated every few months with new features. In his most recent update he received bookmarks or drafts of messages, among other novelties. The app is updated again now, with a star function such as dark mode.

This new update It is already being deployed among Skype users on Android and iOS. There are several novelties in it, although it is the introduction of the dark mode the great novelty that we find in it on this occasion. A function that many users were waiting for.

It had been announced long ago that Skype was going to get the dark mode in your applications on Android and iOS. In his day no dates were given, but it is in this new update of the well-known application where we already find the mentioned mode. A way to save energy on OLED or AMOLED phones.

Skype - Android Apps Dark Mode

In addition to this dark mode, the application has introduced mostly improvements in the update. Many bugs have been fixed present in previous versions, which made the use or experience of using the application not the best. These are changes that users should notice in use.

Another feature of interest in this Skype update is that group calls can be scheduled. It is a function that was being speculated a long time ago, which is already available on desktop, which is now launched on Android and iOS too, for better use of it.

The launch of this new version of the application has already begun. Therefore, if you use Skype on your Android phone, it will not take long to access it shortly, so that you can enjoy the new features in the application, such as this dark mode that we have mentioned.

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