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Pokmon Masters launches three new chapters of its history and receives new creatures from the saga

To celebrate the update, those responsible have launched a special event full of rewards.

As it was a few days ago,Pokmon MasterHe was preparing to receive new chapters among other content. Said and done, today those responsible have announced that they are going to addthree new episodes to the storyof the video game for iOS and Android devices as well as new Pokémon creatures.

Pokmon Masters

Thanks to this update, players can continue the Pokmon Masters campaign untilchapter 21which allows, once completed, to add the compis ofKalm and Espurrto their teams that some will remember for their presence in Pokmon X / Y. Moreover, users can nowmatch the main character of the game with Torchic, the Pokémon of Fire type of Pokmon Rub Omega and Alpha Sapphire.

DeNA and The Pokmon Company celebrate all these contents through the special Promo: The story continues! To be valid until November 28. In it you can get a reward of up to 2,000 jewels for playing special missions and logging in to the mobile adventure. In addition, those who do it every day may have additional bonuses of up to 4,200 jewels

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