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Pigeon, the Google application that will make the competition to Waze


Google has launched Pigeon, an app for public transport that aims to compete with Waze through crowdsourcing, that is, the collaboration between a multitude of users who report all kinds of information about their public transport trips through the application itself.

This is Pigeon

It is important to note that Pigeon was created in the google rea 120 incubator and came to light in 2018 in New York City. Now, the American firm has announced the launch of this new app for five more cities, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

With this application, Users can report all types of incidents such as power outages, transport delays, whether or not there are crowds on certain subway, bus or train lines or even if there is any live music performance or a certain area of ??the city is dirty or if there is some danger, whether due to demonstrations, robberies, robberies, etc.

They wanted to incorporate all this information into a live map so that users can see in real time What is happening in the areas or in the places you want to visit. In addition, with Pigeon notifications can be customized so that each one can plan their trip before leaving home and can see where they can have some kind of incident totally unexpected.

As it has happened on many occasions, The application is only available on iOS, so Android users should wait for what is also available for their devices. From iPadizate we will be attentive to know if Pigeon finally arrives in Europe or, on the contrary, remains in the United States.

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