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OnePlus 7T Cushion Bumper cover is filtered before launch »ERdC

OnePlus 7T Cushion Bumper cover is filtered before launch

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For all those users of the OnePlus 7T; If you want a case for your Smartphone, the OnePlus website provides you with several options. Within the catalog to choose is the red case; the Karbon protective case; and a third protective case that is available in Sandstone and Karbon.

The catalog is not as extensive as the one offered by other companies for its flagship Smartphone; so it leaves a little to be desired, since users always like to have a wide range to choose from. The covers in their design also appear somewhat bland, expecting a better design from them. OnePlus, it seems, did not give much importance to the issue of covers, although it would have been a good plus to be able to fall in love with users and attract the attention of potential buyers. However, A new leak of what appears to be a new case that will have the Smartphone has emerged.

The source of the Cushion Bumper Case leaks was Ishan Agarwal (@ IshanAgarwal24); who was responsible for filtering a photo of the case in association with

The case has vertical slots that extend from top to bottom. The new case will be available in two colors, which will be the gray and blue. Each case is made with the colors in which the OnePlus 7T is available; which are frosted silver and glacier blue.

The OnePlus 7T Cushion Bumper Case be available in India for a price of INR 1290; in Europe it will cost 30; in the United Kingdom the price be of 28; and in the United States the price will be of $ 30. The case itself is not expensive; However, there will surely be imitations of it that arise in other colors and at a more affordable price.

The possible launch date of the case has not been reported, but it is surely very close.


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OnePlus 7T Cushion Bumper cover is filtered before launch »ERdC
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