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Offer to buy the Huawei Matebook D in the Amazon online store

You should not miss an offer that is on Amazon right now to get a laptop with Windows 10 operating system. We refer to Huawei Matebook D which at the moment has a promotion that makes it the most advisable thing to buy in the well-known online store.

The screen on this device is from 14 inch, some measures that allow it to be a computer with great portability since this allows it not to have large dimensions (36.8 x 27 x 6.4 centimeters) and the weight is only 1.47 kilos, so it does not Annoys anything by carrying it from side to side in the backpack. In what has to do with the resolution of the LED panel that includes, this is Full HD since it is the following one: 1,920 x 1,0890 pixels. Enough to play and, of course, watch movies.

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In what has to do with the main hardware what this version of the Huawei Matebook D offers is the following: a processor AMD Ryzen R5-2500U which works a frequency of 2 GHz, which includes a graphics card AMD Vega 8 and, therefore, without being a beast with games that allows enough power for Fortnite to run smoothly. The RAM is more than enough, since the amount chosen by the Asian company for this laptop is 8 GB, so there will be no problem when using Photoshop and, also, in conditions of multitasking.

Huawei Matebook D laptop

Other small details offered by the Huawei Matebook D

He keyboard It is something that many users review, since some models that arrive from China do not find the options that are those of Spain, but this is not a problem in the model we are talking about since the keys such as the "" are present. Apart the storage is well solved, since a total of 256 GB SSD type, so it is favored by its good performance that everything works faster as can be the start of the operating system.

In connectivity there is no problem in the Huawei Matebook D that is finished in aluminum, since it does not lack USB ports (one of them version 3.0) and HDMI output. In addition, the wireless section has WiFi Dual Band and Bluetooth, so all the usual options are present. The battery included in the laptop we are talking about has a charge of 7,565 mAh (57 Wh), so getting a fork between seven and eight hours of use is more than possible. As it can not be otherwise, it does not lack an integrated camera to be able to make videoconferences with HD quality.

Side image of the Huawei Matebook D

Get this laptop now with a great discount

If this is the computer that fits what you need, since it offers good power and its design very well, right now at Amazon you can get it with a discount of more than 20%, so you can save 149 euros That is not bad at all. The link in the online store is the one we leave below: