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Nexus 7 with 3G and 32 GB and discounted 16 and 32 GB Wi-Fi models

Google has worn today. In a single day he has put his letters on the table and has burst the telephony and tablet sector, and has not made a presentation canceled by the hurricane for it. And it has not been necessary because the reasons are so heavy that no one is needed to tell them, they see themselves.

To begin, I remind you of the analysis of Nexus 7 for those who still do not know what it is

Google has removed the Nexus 7 of 8gb that was previously for ? 199 and intelligently let small and large stores that still had it in stock to lower it until they think it is necessary so it will be easy to see it (not find it because they will be sold as churros) at a price of about 150 ?, without a doubt, impressive for a tablet of those characteristics. On the other hand the model of 16 Gb costs 199 ? and 32 Gb ? 249

But the most interesting comes when seeing a new 3G and 32 Gb model for only ? 299 (To give us an idea, the iPad mini 3G 32 GB costs ? 559, almost double) A news that makes the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 do not steal the prominence that still has the small Google tablet and that has finally managed to get Android tablets to gain the importance and value they needed.

Google has reinvented the term low cost and it has widened it, it no longer represents a low quality for a contained price, but a good quality for a low price, without more. And this cannot be denied by anyone.

further Google strengthens its Nexus ecosystem and this complicates the life of the rest of the manufacturers that will now see Google as a friend and as a rival in sales, especially for the price and for the increasingly tricky issue of updates, because let's not forget that the Nexus 7 you will receive the new update of Jelly bean Android 4.2. Undoubtedly, many virtues and few hits, the market is getting red hot, rather, very green, green android.

You can find them on Google Play and buy, except for the 3G model that will arrive on November 13