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Nexus 10: Official prices and features

Hey hey hey, you and I knew it. The Nexus 10 It was an open secret, and, along with the announcement of Nexus 4, we have the official data of the new tablet sponsored by Google. Again is Samsung the one in charge of manufacturing a device that becomes the tablet standard on its own merits Android, thanks in part to the fact that it will be the first to be incorporated Android 4.2.

The technical specifications are not far from what has already been rumored for a few days. A Exynos processor with two cores Cortex-A15, which together with the 2 GB of RAM and a Mali T604 quad-core graphics chip It will deliver performance that is expected. Together with the expected performance improvements in Android 4.2 the first impressions point to exceptional smoothness in its operation.

But if there is a piece of hardware that stands out above the others, that's the screen. As the name of the device indicates, it is 10 inches, with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 resulting in 300 ppi. Those first lucky ones who have tried it consider it at the height of the iPad's Retina display, and speak of clear texts, excellent color fidelity, and good viewing angles.

Among the other features we find two cameras, one of 5 megapixels and another 1.9 MP. We have two speakers, both directed towards the user. Among the connectivity, in addition to the 802.11n Wi-Fi connection, we find a microUSB port, another Micro HDMI, and two NFC chips, one for each side of the tablet. To give energy to all this is used a 9000 mAh battery, which according to Google allows to play video in high definition for nine hours. The total weight stays in 604 grams.

When it comes to software, Android 4.2 It includes interesting news, such as the possibility of having several users, each with their own Google account and their own apps, and switching between them. Of course, it uses the same interface that Nexus 7 introduced.

Two versions of the Nexus 10 through Google Play, one with 16 GB of storage for ? 399, and another with 32 GB for ? 499. Without a doubt, it is a blow on the table by Google.

For price and features, we are talking about a direct rival of iPad, so it?s not surprising that, for many hurricanes that prevent the presentation, Google You have decided to go ahead with the launch and put yourself in a privileged place for the Christmas campaign.

Nexus 10 on Google Play.