Music Zen is an app that relaxes you and immerses you in a zen state

Music Zen is an app that relaxes you and immerses you in a zen state

Music Zen is a new free app, although freemium, which allows us to access a large library of sounds, voices and games to take advantage of those 10 minutes that we have rest before returning to work.

If we use headphones, We increase the volume a bit and reproduce some of its environments, these will take us to a world full of relaxation outside the worldly noise. The fact that these apps are booming is due to the stress we suffer in that day to day in which we have to fight to continue forward.

Zen music for free at freemium

Due to the quality of the audios that Music Zen has, you can understand because there is an over-cost for some. Not all of us will have them for free, since there are premiums and they will force us to see a 30-second advertisement to download it on our mobile and be able to play it.

Zen music

This will work Music Zen, an app that is divided into three main sections: Meditations, Relaxation and Games. Meditation is an important asset, although at the moment it is only in English. We talk that we can throw ourselves on the couch, put on headphones and start listening to a relaxing voice that will produce a lot of tranquility.

For those who know English, congratulations, since we have before the voices of professionals accustomed to these leaders and that they are able to make us relax the pulse, the stress disappear and feel satisfaction and tranquility. It is one of the greatest virtues of Music Zen and that by itself, this tab or section is already worth its weight in gold. We return to the before, you will have some free and other freemium to see advertising.

The relaxation zone

Music Zen also stands out for a whole section where you can find a wide variety of categories such as natural sounds, factory of relaxation, winter and many others to get you fully into a deep rest where all your senses can relax.

Zen music

This section is available as both premium or freemium, so you will have to see some ads before you can enter what it would be a video with infinite loop and that ambient sound of some rivers in which a beautiful symphony is heard from afar.

The truth that with good headphones you can let one feel through those environments and move to nature, the countryside or a beach where the waves incessantly hit the shore of the beach. Everything in Music Zen is made for us to stop and pause the stressful day-to-day work, family and more.

And with games on Music Zen

Music Zen also has some games to have a fun time. The funny thing is that they have managed to bring some that we cannot ignore commenting on. One of them is the prick those plastic "bubbles" that the noise they generate when we exploit them is more than gratifying. Being a touch screen we can make a long press to exploit them and thus collect that momentary pleasure.

Zen music games

Other games are also quite simple, such as throwing smoke, and have no other objective than to let us spend a relaxing time with some satisfaction than another. The truth is that they haven't wanted to miss almost anything to bring a generous audio experience and pleasure from our mobile. If we already have a high-end one, where the sound is usually premium, such as the Samsung Galaxy, the experience will be improved exponentially, so give this app a chance that relaxes our body and mind.

Music Zen is available for free from the Play Store, although we can also pay for it in a subscription that removes all advertising and allows us to access all content directly. An interesting way to make a break in the day and fall asleep for their sounds, environments and games.

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