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Microsoft's browser notifies you if the page publishes fake news

Although the Internet brought the democratization of the news has also achieved the opposite effect: that many are disinformed by an eagerness to expand fake news calls or fake news. For a simple joke or even to destabilize protagonists of today or countries: these fake news are a really powerful weapon that users face, and also, web browsers.

In Microsoft They have decided to take action on the matter and equip their multiplatform web browser, Edge, with technology false news detection. For this they have allied with NewsGuard, an organization of journalists that fights to screen the false news of those that are real. NewsGuard keeps a record of websites that tend to falsify information; and if you use Microsoft Edge You can know from now on what is the reputation of a website.

Microsoft Edge for Android will let you know how reliable news pages are

Microsoft's browser notifies you if the page publishes fake news

Since there is an immense amount of information media on the web there are also countless ways to get informed. Each medium has its own style, its way of communicating and even its tendency, but all are measured with the same measuring stick: or are reliable or do not offer credibility.

NewsGuard and Microsoft Edge They have partnered to show how reliable web pages are. To know it you just have to update your browser to the latest version (it is already on Google Play) and perform the following process:

  • Press the bottom three points and choose «Setting«.
  • Go to «News Classification«.
  • Activate the «buttonShow ranking in address bar«.

Microsoft's browser notifies you if the page publishes fake news

From the moment you activate NewsGuard in Microsoft Edge a small icon will appear in the address bar. When you load a reliable website the icon will be green; turning Red If you usually publish news of doubtful credibility. It may also be the case that the website is under review (icon of a «-«) or that NewsGuard has not started valuing it (the icon remains blank and empty). In this case you can click on the symbol and request its evaluation.

This is a small step to end the fake news. At the moment the revised websites they are almost all Anglo-Saxon, but surely that the assessments gradually move to the Spanish-speaking media. It is certainly an excellent help for readers to inform themselves correctly and for the media to take the information they publish more seriously.