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Lenovo, presents the first laptop with folding screen

The viewing surface of the device bends to multiply the usage options


It started with its Galaxy Fold but, for the moment, it has had to cancel its launch, but everything seems to indicate that the folding screens are still the future for many manufacturers.


Applying the same principle to a laptop and inaugurating the "world's first folding laptop".

Although it is tempting to think that all these devices, by their very nature, are foldable, in reality this manufacturer's bet goes much further because it is not the chassis that folds, but its screen.

Within the framework of its annual Accelerate event

A portable transgressor has been introduced that will join the ThinkPad X1 range and, as advanced, is all screen and without hinges.

The equipment offers a front without keyboard and that is all screen, in particular an OLED 2K manufactured in collaboration with LG and thanks to which it is possible to reduce by 50% the width of the equipment without sacrificing inches of screen.

And the keyboard?

Lenovo replaces it with a virtual one that will appear only when necessary in something that seems to be a trend in the future.

Actually, everything has been tailored to this team.


It has been responsible for adapting this innovative screen to the needs of the team, Microsoft has done the same with a version of Windows adapted to the peculiarities of this laptop; The manufacturer has explained that he has been working for ?several years? with three of the main Partners in this team: Intel, Microsoft and LG.

The chip maker has developed a ?Future processor platform? which have not transcended more details and would see its premiere on this team.

One team, many uses

This computer has a 13.3-inch touch screen that can be used in various modes.

Lenovo explains in its press release several cases of use of the equipment that give an idea of ??the significance of the new convertible: while in bed and folding, it would serve as a reader of ebooks; if it is deployed, it serves as a large screen to enjoy movies or series; in ?portable mode? it is used to write mails or texts at work and in a meeting, also folded, it serves to make notes with the styles.

Lenovo has presented an advance of a promising team that will be released in 2020 and in which it continues working to optimize the user experience, especially with Microsoft. At the moment, no price or specific release date has been disclosed.