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Instragram prepares to add dark mode

Instagram logo

With the release of the final version of Android 10, the dark mode officially comes to Android, both in the management menus and in the applications of the search giant, as well as the rest of the applications most used by users. The next application that will offer the possibility of using the dark mode will be Instagram.

The boys of Android Police have had access to this next version of Instagram, where the dark interface, replacing the classic white with black. The color of the letters, goes from black to white. The rest of the interface is the same that we can find currently in the application.

Intagram dark mode

For now, the application does not include the option to enable or disable dark mode manually, since this is modified depending on the system. If we have activated the dark mode in Android 10, Instagram, like all applications that offer the function automatically, will modify the color of the interface.

As you have seen in Android Police, this dark mode will not be limited to terminals managed by Android 10, but it will be available in all terminals, since they have tested several Samsung models with the One UI interface with Android 9, and by activating the dark mode of the system, Instagram activates the dark mode.

The dark mode in Android 10 is a fantastic option for all those users who have a terminal with OLED screens, since it allows us to save a large amount of battery if the application we use regularly offers it. This is because, to display the information, only the LEDs that show a color other than black light up.

Unfortunately, Android 10 only allows us to manually activate or deactivate the dark mode, something that we should be able to do automatically according to the time of day we are in, as if we can do with iOS 13, the latest version of iOS that has also implemented the dark mode this year. Through third-party applications we can do it, but it requires knowledge that not everyone has.

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