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How to watch Little America on Apple TV +

As you probably know, from November 1 of this year Apple TV + is available, a platform to watch series and movies when and where you want from Apple. We could say that it is like Netflix, but Apple.

Before and after the official arrival of Apple TV +, we have been able to meet some of the series and movie titles that we can enjoy on the platform. The truth is that we are faced with several titles that promise: See, Dickinson or The Morning Show

In this case, we would like to talk to you about a series that has not received as much prominence as those mentioned above, but also promises to become a popular series. We refer to the television series Little America.

What is Little America about?

We love Little America because it intends to reinforce the magnificent idea of ??the United States as a country made up of people from different places, different nationalities, religions, traditions and ethnic backgrounds. Is this not wonderful?

In the TV series we will know real stories collected by the magazine Epic Magazine, a magazine that gathers testimonies of different immigrants in North American land. The magazine itself expresses it perfectly:

We all come from somewhere else. Even Native Americans crossed the Bering Strait in the past. And this is precisely the American concept: it is an identity that is open to anyone, although this is something that is easily forgotten once you are inside. That is when politics can affect the situation, just as it is happening today because of that political narrative that turns all this into fear and hate. Little America intends to narrate by offering a broader portrait of our newcomers. Meet a woman who kisses a car for 50 hours. A man who escaped communism through a zip line. A hind mayor in a small city in Kansas. These stories become small collective portraits of immigration in the United States, and therefore, a portrait of the United States.

Where can I see Little America?

In order to enjoy this series, you need to have an Apple TV + account. A subscription to the Apple series and movies platform will cost you 4.99 per month. However, you have a free seven-day trial.

If you have time to watch the series in seven days, you can watch it for free. Of course, remember to cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period if you do not want to be charged the first month.

Apple TV Plus is available for a wide variety of devices: Apple TV (obviously), Samsung SmartTV, Roku, FireTV, computers, Macs, etc.

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