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How to send and receive payments among friends, with Apple Pay Cash

With Apple Pay, the payment system for physical and online shops, making our purchases with total security is the easiest. And even more comfortable than using a credit card. Its growth has been so remarkable that It is expected to reach 86 million users during this 2017, dominating the OEM-Pay market for the next 4 years, above Samsung and Google, among others.

Now arrives Apple Pay Cash, whose main contribution is that in this case we can receive and send money to our friends, family and other contacts directly from the Messages app. It is a new functionality that comes with the update of iOS 11 and watchOS 4, and that allow to carry out a direct transaction with someone, without the need for any other intermediary.

Apple Pay Cash will be found within iMessage and to be able to use the service only you will have to touch the Apple Pay icon, set the amount of money, press request or pay and, finally, approve the transaction with Touch ID or with Face ID on the iPhone X.

Have a virtual card called Pay Cash, to be hosted in Apple Wallet. Immediately, you can use the money you deposit in the iMessage app to make payments to your friends (for example, if at dinner someone has forgotten their wallet at home). You can also use it to make purchases from Apple Pay in stores, on the Web and in applications, as well as to transfer funds to your bank account.

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