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How to have two WhatsApp on iPhone without jailbreak in 2019

How to have two WhatsApp on iPhone without jailbreak in 2019

First, it is necessary that you have two phone numbers with which you can associate WhatsApp. It doesn't have to be on the device, since we can use the phone verification method, where they make a call and give us the verification number. Although it is advisable to have two cards. In my case, I have two numbers on the iPhone. One with eSIM and another with a physical SIM introduced in the jump that comes in the device. In the official WhatsApp app I have my personal number, how can I add another number?

To have two WhatsApp on the iPhone we will have to download the app called WhatsApp Business. It is an official application and it works in a very similar way to WhatsApp, although it is focused for business and companies. Even so we can insert any phone number. The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store, and at the moment it is only available on iPhone.

Once downloaded, we registered with the other phone number. When prompting you will see a warning to use the phone you already have, but you should click on the option that says Use a different number. Now, write the number and verify it through the different methods. Remember that you can verify it by phone if you have the SIM of that number on another device.


Complete the configuration in WhatsApp Business

Once the phone has been verified, you will be asked to restore a backup copy in case one has been created. If none is available, click on Do not restore. Now it's the time to enter your profile information, such as a name and a photo. As it is about WhatsApp Business, ask you for the name of the Company, but you can put your own. It is also mandatory to add a company category. You can select Other. Finally, confirm.

Ready, you will have a new WhatsApp account on the same iPhone. That's right, there are some inconveniences. For example, users appear to be writing to a company account and the configuration will be the same as that of a company ditch. In addition, WhatsApp usually verifies these profiles, and if they find something unusual (unlikely to happen) they can close your account.

So easy is to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone in 2019. It is expected that the messenger social network belonging to Facebook, launch a multi-account option, in the style of WhatsApp or Instagram, over the next few months. In this way you can start session with two phone numbers from the same WhatsApp application, without having to have an account dedicated to business.

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