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How to convert PDF ebooks to EPUB from your mobile

For Android mobile devices there are dozens of apps for reading ebooks, and all of them compatible with a multitude of formats, among which is thePDF. However, those accustomed to reading on mobile or tablet will know that it is not the best format for ebooks and that there are better alternatives such as, for example, theEPUB. Fortunately, if we have PDF files, easily and from the mobile itself we canconvert to EPUB following a few simple steps.

The EPUB format is specific to ebooks and offers a number of advantages. It is, as it were, an enriched format that allows the animation of pages, for example, or to carry out certain functions on our books in electronic format as searches or highlights. There are several advantages that EPUB provides, but as we know there are times when, for one reason or another, a certain ebook is only available in PDF format. So we have the option to download the applicationePUBatorfree, download at the end of this article-and do the format conversion directly from our smart phone or our tablet.

Go from PDF to EPUB from your mobile phone to read your eBooks better

HavingePUBator downloaded and installed on your device, brela and accept the storage permissions that will allow you to locate the PDF files in the internal memory or the micro SD card and, of course, then save the converted file locally. Once this is done, on the main screen of the application you will have to click onConvert PDF. This button will open the file explorer, with which we mustlocate the PDF We want to change the format by browsing the directories of the terminal.

Once the file is located in the internal memory of our equipment, or in the micro SD, as in the screenshots of previous screens, we will click on this file. A new window like the one in the second screenshot of this article will open and we will simply have to click onOkay, to accept the finished process of converting the PDF file of the eBook to EPUB. As you can see, in the last line it tells youwhere it has been saved, which is in the same folder in which we had the PDF before converting it.

The process takes just a few seconds and if we return to the main screen of the application, the second button with textVerify EPUB It allows us to check the integrity of the new file that was created after the conversion. It is a step that obviously is not necessary and essential. Now, with the file resulting from the conversion, already in EPUB format, we can go to any of our favorite eBook reading apps and enjoy its advantages.