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How to change YouTube video resolution to save data

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YouTube has become and will continue to be for many years, the only platform where we can find any type of audiovisual content. Many are the users who use it regularly to listen to their favorite music, search for tutorials or news, enjoy gameplays, analysis of movies or television series, unboxing devices, drawings for the little ones …

Video is one of the formats that consumes the most data. If the consumption of YouTube is done through a data connection, we can see how quickly, our data rate evaporates without us noticing. If you have a compelling need to watch a YouTube video and cannot wait to connect to a Wi-Fi network, then we show you how to modify the resolution to consume less data.

The more sugar, the sweeter. In the case of YouTube it is the same. The data consumption of a video played at 1080 is not the same as if we played it at 720 or in automatic mode, so that it adjusts to the speed of our connection. If we want to listen to a specific song, the best we can do is reduce the quality to the maximum, unless we also want to watch the video, something we can do quietly with a Wi-Fi connection.

If, on the contrary, we want to watch a specific video, the resolution 480 can be quite short, depending on the content to be displayed, so an adequate resolution is the immediate superior: 720. Here we show you How to change the resolution of YouTube videos on Android.

Change resolution YouTube videos on Android

  • Once we are in the video in question, we must click on the three vertically located points in the upper right corner of the screen. These three points appear whether we are playing the video horizontally or vertically.
  • Next, click on Quality.
  • Then they will be displayed all resolutions in which the video is available.

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