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How to activate the double tap on Huawei to turn on the screen

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One of EMUI's most useful functions, the Huawei and Honor customization layer, is based precisely on the possibility of turning on the screen with a double tap. Thanks to this curious function we can interact with the phone without pressing the unlock button to unlock the screen, as we saw with Xiaomi phones. Unfortunately It is not possible to activate the double tap on Huawei on some of the company's latest models. In any case we will show you how to proceed if you have a phone compatible with that function.

The steps we will see next they are compatible with both EMUI 8 and some versions of EMUI 9. We can carry them out on Huawei models such as the Huawei P8, P 8 Lite 2017, P8 Lite 2018, P9, P9 Lite, P10, P20, P20 Lite, P20 Pro, P30 Lite, Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 20, Mate 20 Lite, Mate 20 Pro, Y3, Y5, Y6, Y7, Y9, P Smart 2018, P Smart 2019, P Smart Plus, P Smart Plus 2019 and Honor models such as Honor 8, 9, 9 Lite, 10, 10 Lite, 20, 20 Lite, 7X, 8X, 9X and 7S.

So you can enable the double touch unlock of Huawei and Honor

Activating Huawei double tap unlock is something that usually depends on the version of EMUI we have. Usually the process is as simple as go to the Smart Assistance section that can be found in the Settings application.

Within this section we will go to Control Movements and finally to the Pulse option twice. In this section we will have to activate the option of Press twice to turn the screen on or off to enable the mentioned method of unlocking. Now we just have to lock the phone to verify that, indeed, the function has been enabled correctly.

activate double tap huawei

If we have an EMUI version higher than EMUI 8.0, it is likely that this option can be found in the Accessibility section with some variation in the name. This section can be found within Intelligent Assistance, although it can also be found outside it, depending again on the EMUI version.

Huawei double tap option does not appear, what do I do?

Unfortunately, Huawei and Honor have decided to deactivate the double tap option in the latest versions of EMUI. The only way to proceed in this case is based on install an old version of the system, although it is not recommended.

Is there an application for double tap? No, unless we want to resort to root, although unfortunately it is no longer possible in most phones of the Chinese firm.

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