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How the media can benefit from social networks

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  • Since 2017, two thirds of the audience get their news on social networks

  • In the case of almost all sites, most users use them to consume news

  • Traditional means of informing are more popular among the larger audience


Nor there is no more complex relationship, sometimes even toxic, than that between media and social networks. Initially, it is clear that the latter are attracting the attention of consumers and advertisers, which makes the economic crisis from news producers. To this must be added that, according to the consumption statistics in Mexico, it seems that newspapers are still subordinate to Twitter and Facebook.

These interactions between media and networks even seem to suggest that tension leads to a rivalry impossible to reconcile. According CNBC, platforms like Facebook are being used more than ever by political powers, a pillar for which journalism must be a counterweight. The perception of competition also seems to be in the public's conception, according to Pew Research. The above even seems to transcend the digital field.

Related Notes

Although these discoveries and the dynamics between media and networks in recent years seem to indicate that these two groups can only be fought with each other, the truth is another. In accordance with IOTechnologiesThere are ways in which newspapers can in fact get more out of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Not only as an advertising platform. Rather, to increase the impact of its contents and journalistic vision:

The media can use networks to create human connections

All companies know that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are an unparalleled bridge to get in touch with end users. This principle not only serves when selling products and services. It is also very present when distributing content, news or not. Newspapers can use these websites to show a more real face to the public. In this process, audience loyalty can become stronger and broader.

Stay in touch with readers

Like any business, the news media must have excellent customer service. And just as it happens in practically all other industries, social networks are the main channel of contact between the audience and the companies. Thus, newspapers should see these channels as a new way to listen, and take care, of the needs of their public. In this way, they can provide a better information service to the community.

Social networks as an initial point of reading in the media

Virtually all newspapers in Mexico and the world are aware of this principle. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the best way in which people find out and reach their content. It is important that, in this tense relationship, news companies remember that these sites serve as megaphones to deliver their message to the general public. Without your support, it is possible that the impact of your work was much more limited than it is.

A channel to work with influencers

At first it may seem that the influencer marketing Not suitable for news media. However, it is a technique that, with the right people and allies, can benefit virtually any business. Instead of collaborating with young people and famous people in the world of entertainment, some newspapers might want to get in touch with other opinion leaders. The key is, as always, in the person.

New content formats for the media

This is perhaps the main way in which newspapers and social networks can collaborate. If consumers are getting their news from these sites, you have to be there. But it is not enough to just adapt the articles with some modifications. The best option is to create content that really meets the expectations of audiences in each universe. You shouldn't be afraid to create news stories on Instagram stories or fast Snapchat videos.

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