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Google's latest Android tablet?


The Pixel C sold out: Google's latest Android tablet?

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November 27, 2017

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We have been recommending for a few weeks that you should not miss the opportunity to make them with the Pixel c lowered, and it seems that, despite the tough competition of Black Friday deals on tablets, this weekend the last units have been exhausted at last. Is this the goodbye for which it has been the best Google tablet till the date? Or, even more, is this the end of your Android tablets?

The last units of the Pixel C are sold out

Given that it was a model launched a couple of years ago and that the offer did not even coincide with any major event (it started long before Black Friday arrived), it seemed quite clear that it was not a discount punctual, but the reason that Google will lower both your tablet It was probably that he was trying to get rid of stock, something that happened very quickly with the 32 GB model (which was selling for only 300 euros) and that it seems that this weekend has also happened with the 64 GB one.

Shortly after we had news of this discount on the web in Spain, in addition, we were seeing that the offer reached that of other countries, something that contributed a lot to leave the feeling that the plans to liquidate the Pixel c from their catalog they could be definitive. Of course, there is no official confirmation of Google and your tablet still has its space on its website, but the truth is that we do not see too many reasons to be optimistic and think that in a few days it will be available again to buy, because it remains, after all, one of the best Android tablets that we could buy so far (and the only one still with Android Oreo).

The latest Android tablet from Google?

The uncertainty generated by this fact, in any case, goes beyond whether the Pixel c it will be put back on sale or not, it may be asked even if Google will launch or not a new Android tablet in case it disappears and the reality is that there are quite a few reasons to think that, indeed, it could be the last one, however rare the idea may be considering the efforts they made to promote their operating system in this format at a time dice.

The heiresses of Nexus 7: did he have them?

The heiresses of Nexus 7: did he have them?

It must be recognized that, despite all the virtues of Android, this operating system was encountering difficulties to compete in the high-end (with the sole exception of the Galaxy Tab S3) A field in which each time, survival against Windows tablets seems to be able to replace a laptop. Android tablets are still in top form in the mid-range and basic but, as they test their Pixel 2 and although we would be delighted to have a successor to the Nexus 7, it seems clear that Google He doesn't have much interest in this sector. There has been, in fact, no information in a long time that points to working on a new Android tablet. On the contrary, the latest leaks that have come in this direction are just about a new model of its emblematic tablet that was finally canceled.

Is the future of the high-end on tablets with Chrome OS?

And not only is there no sign that Mountain View is working on new Android tablets, but there is much evidence that they are striving to make Chromebooks more capable devices (today we have known that, for example, everyone would have Office support from now on) and with better controls for touch screens. It is no coincidence, either, that in the field of tablets and convertibles the star of its catalog is now the Pixelbook.

The problem we have with this turn is simply that very few Chromebooks they still arrive in Spain, and among those absent we must include the one of Google. It is a change of direction that makes a lot of sense and a lot of potential, but few opportunities to gain ground against the 2 in 1 Windows and iPad Pro if its expansion is not strengthened internationally. It would not hurt, perhaps, that if the withdrawal of the Pixel c, be done next to the sale in more countries of the Pixelbook.

We will have to wait to see what the future holds for us, in any case, as always, and we hope to tell you soon that there is news about new Android tablets from those of Mountain View. Be that as it may, even if it isn't, we'll still have great Android tablets to choose from, even if they do not carry the seal of Google.