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Google launches the App Defense Alliance to fight malicious apps

Google launches App Defense Alliance to improve Play Store security

The company Google announced the arrival of App Defense Alliance, a new initiative whose main objective is prevent the presence of malicious apps to the maximum in the Play Store. To make this possible, Google has partnered with other security experts to offer a much safer store.

App Defense Alliance, the Google platform that improves Play Store security

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Google's app store, Play Store of course, is the heart of Android. All millions of users around the world are looking for applications to be able to give greater functionality to their Android mobile. That is why providing users with a 100% secure platform is something very important for the company.

With the App Defense Alliance, Google starts working together with companies such as Zimperium, Lookout and ESET to detect more quickly those apps that are aimed at cheat to user.

How does the Google Defense Alliance App work?

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This new system What it does is analyze all the applications that the store has Play Store automatically, to find some kind of anomaly that could result dangerous for the user who wants to download it.

Previously, Google Play Store what I did was wait for the app in question to receive at least 5000 downloads. Once that number was reached, the system alerted users that this app was not secure. This new system works differently, and this is something that should be highlighted, as it prevents the user from downloading the application in question.

The Android user, the big winner on this topic

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While Google is useful and not much to have to work more than the account, the big winner in all this is the user It has an Android device. Well now, and thanks to the App Defense Alliance, no longer be so exposed to download potentially dangerous applications.

Of course, those applications that are downloaded outside the Play Store will not be protected by this system of course. And this is always something to keep in mind, because not all apps in APK format are safe.

We will see what is the next step by Google to combat malicious applications in its app store. For now, and seeing the full picture, the App Defense Alliance is a good step in the right direction.

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