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Galaxy S9 and Xperia XZ1 at ridiculous prices and other great deals

Today we know some very outstanding offers. Movilazos like the Galaxy S9 or the Xperia XZ1 are at the lowest price you can find. We also highlight a good Wear OS watch for less than 100 euros, a 128GB Sandisk microSD card and a camera mirrorless Yi that is at an incredible price.

Galaxy S9 at an absurd price

We thoroughly tested OneUI, the new layer of the Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has been a mobile that may not have been the most popular of the year, and the main cause seems to be its continuous design and high price. However, with the price drops, At the moment it is perhaps one of the most recommended equipment in the market.

Among its strengths we highlight its size, it is extremely compact, its power, screen and camera. It is a mobile that also does not give up anything, having water resistance, headphone jack, memory expansion with microSD cards. These days, in addition, it is being updated to Android 9 Pie with One UI.

The offer is available for the German version, which works correctly in our country, although some functions such as Samsung Pay may not work. We recommend you read this article about the imported versions of Samsung where we explain in great detail what you should know.

Video analysis of the Galaxy S9 +

Xperia XZ1 at mid-range price

Sony Xperia XZ1 analysis: it is not surprising in the design, but in the operation

Another great high end that went unnoticed and that is even cheaper. The Xperia XZ1 costs 229 euros, but it has everything we can ask for at a high range. A mobile updated to Android 9 Pie, with an excellent camera and all the power of the Snapdragon 835 processor.

Perhaps this terminal has more concessions, since although its screen is relatively small, it has large frames. You should also consider that its battery is a bit fair, suitable to withstand the day in moderate use, but perhaps insufficient for the most demanding users. But of course, it is difficult to resist 229 euros.

128GB microSD A1 card for 20 euros

If you want to expand the memory of your mobile, look at this SanDisk card. A memory card of great quality, with a lot of space and that works under the A1 standard, so it serves to be able to install applications and that these work well. As long as your mobile allows this function, of course.

If it is too much memory, SanDisk also has the 64 GB model for less than 15 euros and the 32 GB model for less than 8 euros. We believe that the best offer is that of 128 GB, since it will be the best endurance in time, but they are also valid options.

A Wear OS watch for less than 100 euros, and the best Wear OS for less than 200

Mobvoi is one of the smart watch brands that we like the most, and reasons are not lacking. The Ticwatch E is the cheapest Wear OS watch on the market, but it has a good design and with most platform features.

If you are looking for the best of Wear OS, the Ticwatch Pro should be present in your alternatives. It has a second low-consumption screen that is always active and ready for mobile payments with Google Pay.

Yi mirrorless camera for 209 euros

Finally, the offer of the day. The Yi brand has become very famous lately for its action cameras, but they also have other products of interest. This camera is a mirrorless Complete, compatible with interchangeable lenses and a good sensor. 209 euros for this camera is a great offer.