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Five unknown Android games that you must install on your mobile

The options when it comes to finding a game in the Google store are enormous, because of that, any game that does not have the media pull usually goes unnoticed. To solve this anomaly we bring you a selection of five games They deserve to have their prominence. Because they can be authentic jewels, since some are still in development. We start!

Flight Battle: New Era iO Esports Game

Flight Battle: New Era iO Esports

Battle Royale, the genre in which everyone wants to be in recent times. And although this is an airplane game, is a full-fledged Battle Royale, since we must fight against other players and be the first to eliminate others. We have one great variety of airplanes and his visual style is a breath of fresh air to the genre.

We like

  • Visually it is very nice for the player.
  • Adapt the Battle Royale genre appropriately to touch screens.
  • Playing with other players online makes it a constant challenge.

We do not like it

  • There are some slowdowns and freezes when playing.
  • An internet connection is necessary, something that may not be for all players.


Lines is a puzzle game in which its simplicity is where its full potential lies. We must solve various challenges, using different strategies alongside the physics of the game, accompanied by musical notes that will sound as the game unfolds. As we move forward, we will unlock new game options and levels, which makes it a fairly addictive game while relaxing.

We like

  • Visually it is nice for the player.
  • It has enough levels that offer you a continuous challenge.
  • The good use of physics with an excellent sound environment.

We do not like it

  • Some levels become really complicated.

Rivers Puzzle

We are facing a game that is apparently one of the genre, however as we play we are involved in its dynamics and we cannot stop playing it. The basic premise of the game is locate villages around the rivers that appear, always respecting the rules that are imposed on us in the game. There is more than one solution to the puzzles, which makes it a game ideal to fill those gaps in which we want to disconnect.

We like

  • Its simplicity of approach.
  • The diversity of levels, being able to choose the difficulty.

We do not like it

The Guides Axiom

Describing this game is a bit complicated, since its game dynamics are somewhat special. We do not have a specific story or objectives, when running the game we find riddles we must solve. For this we must use our intelligence at the highest level, since they do not give us instructions, we are just we face a challenge. Once you start discovering its peculiar game system, it has something that keeps you wanting to decipher new puzzles.

We like

  • Its mix between research and hacker culture.
  • It has a wide range of enigmas.
  • The halo of mystery that surrounds the game.

We do not like it

  • It is not translated into Spanish, something that can make more than one player difficult.
  • There are occasions that even using clues, you are still somewhat lost.

Tower fortress

A game in which its developers wanted take the player to another time and they have succeeded. Since we are facing a game that goes perfectly through one of the old school, both for its aesthetics and difficulty, without compromise. It has a faithful gameplay to the genre and a dynamic level design in which they are not repeated from one game to another.