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Darkness Rises is a great action RPG with millions of players

Darkness Rises is an action RPG which has been in the Google Play Store for months. We usually make reviews of the best new games that come out, although sometimes we make exceptions in one that has happened to us and that is doing frankly well on Android.

It is the case of Darkness Rises, a free high quality title in which you will have to eliminate the horde of demons that come from hell itself. For this you will have to make a really exciting trip in which you will enjoy like never before a great 3D, very well-worked animations and a character design at the highest level.

A title that gives off great quality, although with its buts

Darkness Rises stands out for the great success carried out in some of its categories. The graphics are spectacular, the hero design is fabulous and the environment through which our protagonist will move is really very well carried out to give great sensation.

Darkness Rises

The same goes for attacks to be an action RPG in which we have to improve our team, collect loot and update Our hero's abilities as well as incorporating new ones. It will be a delight to enjoy the great level of detail that the characters have and that you will see from the first minute of the game from the creation screen.

Creating character

He level of realism is spectacular and we invite you to try it yourself by installing Darkness Rises. Some of the captures capture those details and how they have even deepened the customization options to create a character as we want. He is even able to move on to virtuosity seen in another great Android game: Final Blade.

Darkness Rises and his final bosses

Darkness Rises also has huge final bosses and the possibility of to be able to get some to ride a dragon and drop flames to hordes of enemies, or even catch a huge orc so that our protagonist climbs on his back and we can control it. These details make the games very intense, although we would like the levels to be more extensive.


These levels are really divided into mini phases that all end up in a large boss, while the final boss is waiting for us at the end. The problem with Darkness Rises is that it can be a bit monotonous to do the same thing all the time. Since really we are facing a ?theme park?, or what is called as a theme park in which we are spectators of a show of magic, attacks and great enemies.

If you don't mind being limited by those little maps, you will have before you a game that offers a great show of sword attacks, magic of all kinds and monsters of all kinds. This is where Darkness Rises knows how to take advantage of the limitations of mobile games.

And with multiplayer

It does not lack the possibility of meet with allies and fellow clan to get into dungeons and thus discover treasures with which to improve the team of our protagonist. Another point of Darkness Rises is its narrative capacity with a whole story that will lead us to try to eliminate the darkness that invades the world; above all you will be dazzled by its protagonists thanks to the level of customization and details.

Spells in Rises

Darkness Rises is a game that it gives off quality on all sides and that, although it has its limitations, it knows how to play its cards very well to give a lot of play for many months. If we even tell you that it is not a ?pay to win?, surely you are getting more willing to try it and join the millions of players who vitiate it around the world with a 4.7 score of half.


Darkness Rises is a high quality action RPG which limits the graphic capacity of your Android mobile. A game that is very worthwhile and with which time will fly by. Do not delay and now discover it from the link below.

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Darkness Rises