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Amazon Ring doorbells exposed domestic Wi-Fi passwords to hackers

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Ring ringtones that expose the password of the Wi-Fi network to which it was connected.

Bitdefender said Amazon-owned doorbell was sending its owner's Wi-Fi password in clean text over the Internet, allowing nearby hackers to intercept Wi-Fi password and gain access to the network to launch larger attacks or perform surveillance

Amazon solved the vulnerability on all Ring devices in September, but the vulnerability was only revealed today.

It is another example of smart home technology that suffers from security problems. Although smart home devices are designed to make our lives easier and homes safer, researchers still find vulnerabilities that allow them to access what they are trying to protect.

Earlier this year, failures in a popular smart home center allowed researchers to enter a person's house by activating a smart lock to open the door.

Amazon has faced intense scrutiny in recent months for Ring's work with the police. Several media outlets, including Gizmodo, have detailed the close relationship Ring has with police departments, including his messages related to Ring.

It was reported this week that Ring had boasted on Instagram to track millions of tricks or treats this Halloween.