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We have been about a month since the official launch of iPadOS 13, the renowned version of the operating system for iPad, and I have already been able to form a more or less clear idea about the overall experience offered by this software update on an iPad Pro.

The truth is iPadOS 13 It has come along with an immense amount of news, and many of them are phenomenal. However, there are still many aspects to improve. These are the things that I liked most and least liked about iPadOS 13.

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What I liked most about iPadOS 13

1. Multitasking

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Without a doubt, the multitasking of iPadOS 13 has to be at the top of the list of best news. Apple has been able to gradually mold its multitasking system and adding small changes in Slide Over, Split View and Picture-in-Picture to perfection. Now we have the possibility to duplicate applications to interact with several windows at the same time, close the applications that we no longer use in Slide Over and, moreover, touch gestures of activation have been polished further.

2. Start screen


Apple has made small changes to the Home Screen that make the experience of turning on the iPad screen much more pleasant visually. The company of the bitten apple has incorporated the widgets on one side, and we can leave them there next to the apps. On the other hand, and despite being a minimal change, application icons are much smaller and this gives us a feeling of having more space. In addition, this means that applications do not change the position in their order when changing the orientation of the iPad, and this is a plus.

3. Text editing

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The arrival of iPadOS 13 has completely changed the way we write and edit text. Apple implement improvements using touch gestures on the keyboard to copy, cut, paste and undo text. But it is not the only thing that has marked a before and after in the text edition of the operating system. He has also done it the new interaction with the text cursor. Apple has changed a convoluted and cumbersome system for a new method in which it is enough to move the text cursor with our finger, a detail that I found absolutely great.

4. Safari


Safari has also incorporated some improvements that I loved. The navigation application now has a download manager that, although not yet perfect, was very necessary. But the most brutal thing about Safari with iPadOS 13 is automatic execution of the desktop version (or mobile version) when loading a web page. The one with headaches that saves us! Have you tried it already on iPadzate?

What I liked least about iPadOS 13

1. App Store

Apple Arcade

Not everything is gold that glitters, and iPadOS 13 is no exception. The new version of the operating system for iPad has some flaws that need to be polished if Apple wants to achieve perfection. First, the company has added an Apple Arcade tab to promote its video game services on demand, which is fine, but … in this way have removed the updates tab and now the method to update apps is a bit more uncomfortable. At least, in my opinion.

3. Keyboard