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The six most interesting features of Gboard on Android

Gboard languages

Gboard is the Google keyboard for Android phones, without a doubt one of the most popular keyboards today. One of the aspects that stand out the most about it is that it is constantly updated with many new functions. In these months, the keyboard that already supports 500 languages, has left us with many improvements such as simultaneous translator or voice dictation without an Internet connection, among others.

But the reality is that Gboard has a lot to offer. Why It has many functions, some of them secret They make it the most interesting. We talk about these functions below. Thanks to them you can get more out of this popular keyboard, also using these tricks.

Write in morse code

One of the most original functions that we find on the keyboard and that can be used today, by means of a shortcut. Since Gboard gives us the ability to write in morse code. This is something that can be achieved through a series of steps that are not complicated.

Enter the application settings. To do this, go to the Android settings, then to System and then to the language section. There, you have to look for the virtual keyboard section and enter languages ​​in it. A new keyboard must be added from the lower button, selecting the English (US) language. Then, in the language options, you can select morse code.

Create mini emoji

Gboard miniatures

One of the most recent functions on Gboard, which we have already talked about. The keyboard allows create an emoji that looks like you no need to leave it, in a really simple way. It is a most interesting feature that is worth taking into account when using it on Android.

Its use is very simple, you just have to go to the stickers section and you will have to take a selfie for the app to start creating these mini emojis. A fun feature that allows better use of Gboard if you use many emojis.

Transform uppercase to lowercase

Surely on some occasion it happened to you. You have written a text or message where everything is in uppercase or lowercase and there had to be a word that was otherwise written. In this case, you don't have to delete the message or retype anything. Since Gboard has a function that Allows you to transform uppercase into lowercase and vice versa. Very easy to use

What you have to do is select the word you want to transform. You have to press long on that word, and then press the key to toggle between upper and lower case on the keyboard. After the first press, the first letter will now be capitalized, if you press again, the whole word will become. A most interesting function.


Change from one language to another

Gboard has support for many languages, many more than any other keyboard on the market. There may be people who speak several languages ​​and use the keyboard in those languages. This is something that is configured in the app settings. But, once you have entered the languages, you can easily change from one to another.

Once they have been configured, to the left of the space bar on the keyboard, you will see an icon of a globe, which you must click on. By doing this, Gboard will allow you to move to another language easily. So it is very convenient to be able to change languages ​​in the app.

Floating keyboard

GBoard floating keyboard