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revealed its battery and charging speed

It has been known that the Huawei company has in mind to launch a new tablet that, on this occasion, aims to be one of the most prominent models in the segment of the high-end product. We talk about Huawei MatePad Pro, from which the data that has to do with the battery that integrate and, therefore, of its autonomous potential.

From this model some details are already known regarding their options, such as the screen to use with a hole in it to dispense with the notch and, in addition, that everything points to have dimensions of ten inches. In addition, having a fingerprint reader integrated in this component and connectivity is outstanding, since it does not lack port USB type C and also options like WiFi Dual Band and Bluetooth 5.0 Be an option.

What makes an Android tablet different from the iPad

But, to date, no specific data on the battery is known to offer this model, something that has changed as the Huawei MatePad Pro passed through the 3C certification body. Thus, the load of this component exceed 8,000 mAh, which is a good amount because due to the integrated hardware it is sure to exceed eight hours of continuous use – so it meets a full day's work. But, in addition, the recharge speed data has also been published, which will reach the 40 W (as in the best smartphones of the firm), so that the autonomy in general be excellent and, if you have problems, get to fill 50% of the component in 30 minutes to be completely viable.

Huawei MatePad Pro in the 3C entity

Other details expected of the Huawei MatePad Pro

To compete with models such as the iPad pro or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, the finish of this model is in aluminum with Gorilla Glass protection, which will give a touch of distinction. In what has to do with the main hardware, such as the processor and RAM; the Asian firm opts for two more than correct components: a Kirin 990 and 8 GB respectively. This combination, which is the same as there is in the Mate 30 Pro, has already shown that it is more than enough to offer a high level capacity, so productivity will be maximum since, in addition, it will be possible use a magnetic keyboard.

It is certain that the Huawei MatePad Pro use operating system Android, but not the conditions of this. That is, it may not be possible to have access to Google services at the moment and, therefore, that the Play Store is banned. Possibly we will leave doubts in the month of December, which is when it is pointed out that this tablet will be announced along with other devices such as the Nova 6 of the firm. Perhaps, at this time the problems we indicate about the software are already a thing of the past.