How to download Twitter GIFs to your phone

How to download Twitter GIFs to your phone

I don't need to tell you, how popular GIFs have become today. No matter what social network you are in, you are likely to find a GIF in your feed sooner rather than later. GIFs are especially popular on Twitter. The limits of 140 Twitter characters make it really difficult for users to express themselves correctly. Therefore, users often complement their tweets with corresponding GIFs. Also, nobody can deny the fact that GIFs are really fun. Due to these benefits, GIFs are widely used on Twitter. However, there is an inherent problem with the use of GIF on Twitter. The service does not allow you to download the GIFs on your phone. I don't know how many times I found a GIF in my Twitter account, which I wanted to download so badly, but I couldn't. So, if you're someone who went through the same frustration, here you have How to download Twitter GIF on your phone:

Why can't you download Twitter GIFs natively?

Before learning to download GIFs, let's first understand why we can't download Twitter GIFs natively. The reason is quite simple. We cannot download the GIFs from Twitter because they are not GIFs at all. Confused, right? Don't worry, I was also confused when I learned that. Well, the reason why they aren't technically GIFs like Twitter converts GIFs into MP4 when you upload them Twitter does it for two important advantages.

First, GIF files cannot be compressed as much as MP4 files. Converting GIFs to MP4 allows Twitter to compress the file so that the file loads faster . In addition, users can pause MP4 files while it is playing, something they cannot do with a GIF file. Therefore, for a smaller size and better control, Twitter converts GIFs into MP4 files. This is the reason why you cannot download a GIF from Twitter, because technically it is not a GIF but a video file.

Download GIFs from Twitter on Android

Yes, I understand Twitter's point of view, but what if I really want that GIF? Well, there is still a way you can use to download GIF files from Twitter. Although it is not as simple as downloading it directly from the Twitter application, it is not that difficult either. All you need is an application and some additional steps. Let's go over them.

1. Okay, the first thing you need is an application that helps you download the GIF from Twitter. There are many Android applications out there, but in my experience, "Tweet2gif" works better. So click on the link to download and install the application.

2. Now, we just open the Twitter application and find a GIF that we want to download. When you find the GIF you want to download, touch the option more (the down arrow button) and copy the tweet link playing "Copy link to Tweet" .

3. Now open the Tweet2gif application and Paste the link in the URL section of the application . May press the "Paste" button and the URL will be pasted automatically or you can do it in the usual way by long pressing the empty field and selecting paste.

4. The next step is quite easy. Simply touch the "Download GIF" button and the GIF will download to your device. Once the GIF has been downloaded, see the confirmation on the application page. Find the GIF in your default Galley application (or the application you use instead).

Ace of easy is to download GIF files from Twitter on your phone. You only need a couple of additional steps, that's all.

Save Twitter GIFs to iPhone

The process to download Twitter GIF files on iPhone is similar to Android. Also on the iPhone, we will use a third-party application to download the GIFs. Here are the steps to do it.